What I Would Tell You To Do

I would tell you to undress yourself before me, then lay back upon the couch with legs spread wide. I would tell you to tease your slit and clit with only two fingers to tease your labia apart while you gently graze your clit in circles. Your other hand I would want teasing your nipples … Continue reading What I Would Tell You To Do

Excerpt from Play by the Rules, Chapter 6

The newly joined tribe entered the floor with him following their lead, being gently led by her. Trailing behind Mac, his eyes noticing new details in the blacklight flooding the dance floor, observing an entirely alien world rolling out before him, enveloping him. The tension in her arm, the grip of her hand, pulling his … Continue reading Excerpt from Play by the Rules, Chapter 6

Turning Alita – Short Story Concept

Cybersynth girl, Elena, she's me post augmentation treatments Cyber datetime: 20921002.08.17.038 Analog Date: October 2, 2092 Time: 8:17 a.m. [Recording to Data Storage - Saving Data...] For anyone interested enough to dive into my memories, I'm Elena Thornsen. I'm starting to use my new enhancements in a practical way for the first time today. It's … Continue reading Turning Alita – Short Story Concept