About Me

I write part-time as a creative word weaver on the subject of erotica and erotic themes. They include poetry, short stories, one novel length book so far.

My works aren’t all about hard, rough, raw, steamy fuckery. They have substance, characters to invest in, themes that will make a reader think. Yes, they’ll titillate and arouse. They’ll also give you a view that’s new as seen through the filter of my mind.

The magic is in my characters. I write from the place of someone who manages her mental health diagnosis of bipolar I, genralizes anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, complex PTSD traumas.

Not all of them have an official diagnosis. Not all of them may have clearly obvious symptoms. They all, however, have brokenness that colors and flavors their thoughts, words, actions. What broke them, shattered them, undid them, that is what makes them who and what they are. Sometimes that makes them loveable, sweet, kind. Other times it makes them despicable, cruel, hard.

My characters deal with those things and more. Some deal with the symptoms of schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, or something else related to mental health.

They are survivors who overcome and/or struggle with their pasts. They’re broken, wounded, hurting, suffering, harmed while at the same time wanting, needing, yearning, craving, dreaming of living beyond their challenges of mental health. They want to love and be loved. They want to have friends, lovers, life partners, children (sometimes), good lives, a wonderful future.

I write characters who find their perfect ending through the appreciation of the imperfect. They are beautiful in their frailties, their brokenness, their vulnerabilities. They are heroines, heroes, alphas, dominants, submissives, Sirs, Ladies, Masters, Mistresses, and everything in between.

Perhaps some are dark, perverse, not so much evil as harsh, hard, twisted in morality, ethics.

My writings seek out their own style. I try to avoid typical tropes and themes, or at least make a new twist on them if I need to use one.

Besides writing I love to read, of course, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, experiencing science fiction, fantasy, adventure, action, comedy. I’m an introvert who lives through her characters who can be shy or bold, quiet or boisterous, forces of nature or demure.

This is part of things about me. For now this will do. As I come up with more I’ll write a new entry. Please feel free to comment and give feedback.