Welcome to the Lindseyverse

Some authors create a series of books and often create unique universes in which they happen. Fantasy, speculative fiction, dystopian, and some science fiction genres, among others, exist within a reality that may or may not be like the one that we live in. I think it’s a great way for the reader to experience new worlds and realities. Mine is called Lindseyverse.

What is Lindseyverse? It’s a place where there are multiple concurrent realities with temporal threads that may intersect with other reality dimensions. More simply, there are parallel timelines that differ only slightly from each other, perhaps one decision is different, a single event, and the timeline branches off down a new path.

What this means for my stories is that while most exist in the same reality, one not too different from our own, where darker erotic play is more common, it’s not necessarily the same one for all of my stories. I think of it like a Twilight Zone; Outer Limits; Dark Mirror; Love, Death & Robots universe where things could turn out to be almost anything one can dream of. But there are also times when two or more stories are parallel to each other, sharing many of the same characters, but the outcomes are different. I have a pair of stories where this happens.

The currently published one has a “happy for now” ending for one set of main characters. I have another one that is a work in progress that has most of the same main and supporting characters but branches off on another timeline for a different “happy for now” ending with distinctly different pairings by the end and different plot arcs. My desire for the pair was to give a what-if twist for what might happen if a few details changed in two similar stories and the characters ended up with a different partner, but still a “happy for now.”

Why would I do that in Lindseyverse? It was a matter of writing two stories that I loved equally that contained most of the same characters, but I wanted the endings to be different with different arcs. I don’t think of it as spoiling either story or shortchanging the telling of each. I expanded the reality instead. As well, some of my stories are written with science fiction flavor. They may be set in the far past, the now, the speculative future, or even farther into the future. Perhaps they exist in another reality. Or perhaps they’re part of the past, present, and future in the same existing timeline.

That’s the fun I have with my Lindseyverse. It’s possible to have anything, everything happening at the same time, perhaps different realities, but connected with other stories. You never know when a character might cross over into a parallel dimension, or when a story might branch off to be told two or more ways where what-ifs create intriguing opportunities inside that story or perhaps between two separate ones. What I will say exists as a constant among all of them is that the erotic subject matter and sexual themes move beyond the levels of which we experience in our own realities, perhaps outside the real life comfort zones of our daily existence, but in the lives of those characters they live out their darkest fantasies, living out our wildest desires.

In closing, I want to wish you well as you enter Lindseyverse space. I hope you find your time here enjoyable, pleasurable, and hopefully one-handed reading as much as possible.

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