The Ardor – Erotica Short Story

She asked me to tell her a story as she lay there beside me, the urban lighting bloom casting a beam across her face through the blinds. Eyes so deep, so inviting, light dancing across them, sparkling stars gazing back at me. Hazel. I remember that before we laid together, rutted core upon core.

Telling a story? Picking a story. That’s hard. So many, many to tell. The one from earlier tonight. That’s the one, a work that resonates with fiction, yet all of it was, is true.

Pulsing music filled the air, heated bodies raging for the ritual display, hoping for a good evening, perhaps to mate. Watching it all before me, each person a blur then stilled for a moment within the throbbing lights. Sweat glistening upon skin so flush with need.

Tempting delights cloying motions, the scent of sex in the air, drawing me in at last. The thrumming of Her deep within me. Oh, yes. Her. Who is she? She’s unknown yet known. I only know there was a time before Her, this time after She became within me. There are no memories of when we met, became blended.

I can’t tell you if She’s an alien essence, a demon possessing me. I do know She’s not conjured from my mind, She’s not a delusion though you’ll think it so.

Signs of Her abound. The blood splattered across my cheeks, flesh caught between my teeth, cries resonating within my mind. You don’t see them now. I cleared them away before we met this evening.

Laughing. I hear your laughter. Such gallows humor? No, I think it’s your nervousness seeking an outlet from the terror I must give you now. Observing my serious countenance, it told you deeper down is the truth, dark, cold, brutal.

The club. Yes. Back to the club. It teamed with such heat, such passion. I felt the calling to fuck. The pure need to feel the tongue of another upon me, within me, exploring me. Fingers driving deep, deeper into my pussy, slickening me, readying me. Cock ramming into me pulled out, thrust harder inward, bottoming out against my labia spread so wide apart by the brutal energies mixing with mine.

Not at that moment. Dancing energized me, pushing me away from where I yearned to be, filled by sex, burning with lust pounding upon lust. No, you smile at my frustration. If it were you there needing, wanting, craving, you’d become just as undone. Feeling the arcing of the Ardor flowing within, not yet woken.

Don’t tell me you’d resist the siren call of ultimate satisfaction. Feeling everything so amplified, augmented that it feels as if too much. A simple touch upon your arm pushes you toward a rising near climax. Oh, you’d certainly become undone then, in that instant. The throbbing lancing among your nipples, your clit, cracking electric hunger filling you.

Goddess, I was so wet, so aroused still untouched by anything but the music. Nipples tight, red, peaked buds tenting my sheer tee-shirt as they tented my sheer satin bra beneath. You know my tits, sweet girl. You had them already, licking them, sucking them, caressing them.

The soft, nubby clit turned firm, ravenous crying out for love, you tasted it, teased it too. So fucking sensitive, it felt friction from my silky panties, friction too from my shorts upon it. My abundance of arousal. So thick, so milky I wetted my pleasure betwixt my thighs. Did I care then? Fuck no! Do I care now? Fuck no! With Her inside me, I never fucking care.

Observing prey, that virile form of a man still boy, he tempted me so lusciously. Watching him sway his hips, swinging his arms, grinning at me, letting him see my desires, approaching, he circled me, growing ever closer, seemingly to flaunt his presumed compatibility with me, a match he unilaterally decided upon.

Foolish boy he was, not knowing the game, the sensual game, how it was played, what the goal would be. Playing as the player he was, he leaned in so close to my chocolate trimmed hazel traps gazing back as his green meadows he seemed lost. As I said, they were, are traps for the unwary.

So unwary was he that his body came within inches of mine, still bouncing, racing like a sprinting animal headlong toward his demise. Brimstone? The scent of danger? None seem to detect it save me. I give a warning, She gives a warning. Oblivious him besotted with me. Fuck toy him so ready for me.

Bold touching, my fingers upon his arousal barely contained within his jeans, luring him tightly close, mine now to take as I wish. Throbbing flesh pulsing to the beat, his heartbeat, the music. Pulling His face to mine, I grazed lips first upon his, taking his mouth after, grinding myself against him, making him worship me without hesitation.

A hand cupping full of my breast, whisper-shouting, he loved my tits. Another slipped down the front, upon the cloth of my shorts, cupping my soaked mound, claimed as his. Whisper-shouting about how fucking wet I was. Stilled together, wrestling fervor to claim the other, need piling upon need.

Pulling. I recall the pulling of a hand tugging upon mine, taking me off the dance floor, into the darkness, into a corner.

Pressing. I remember the pressing of a body upon mine, holding me against the wall, hands claiming every inch of mine. Wetness growing heavier, knowing I was now creamy with my lust. She always makes my body so. She makes me fully ready, slickened smooth, a gliding channel with a gashed slit made wide welcome for cock.

Cock. Yes, She loves her cock. Makes my mouth full of it for Her to savor, devour. Feeling like my head is forced down upon the cockhead, made to lick the frenulum, tease the sensitive nibs along the lower edge, all from within. Never a hand laid upon even a hair. She pushes me to take it all deep, deep throating the shaft, sucking it like a sweet upon a stick.

So thick a stick. This boy is so ample. Feeling him strain for freedom, I tease him slowly, firmly, fully. Hearing him tell me how much he wants to fuck me. Sensing his hands near my button, my zip. Fingers within my waist, sliding along my panties. I know how near he is, how his hunger builds. He needs me, needs me to be his hole, his cunt, his twat.

She sees deep within him. He wants to cum inside me, make me his cumsponge. He wants a surprise creampie made within me. He doesn’t want to be responsible. She reads it all. There’s never secrets with Her. His desires leave nothing unexpected. The ones She draws close always want the forbidden. We’re the fruit to taste.

Outside. I tell we’ll fuck outside. More private. Twistedly more intimate. Quieter. Mystery clouds his face as he pulls me yet again, this time through a dark hallway, out a heavy metal door, into a dark alley. Cold. Quiet. Industrial. Metal and concrete. Forbidding.

Cloth sliding down my hips to the ground. Cloth rising up arms, overhead. All laid upon the cardboard boxes beside us. Nude. Exposing all to him, knowing his wants. Squatting down, I pull his waist close, unzip, unbutton, liberate him, feel his cock fill my hand. She takes over, forcing me to taste his precum, so salty, slightly sweet, milky white cream dribbling out. Yum.

Hands grab my hair, fisting it tight, forcing me down his thick, long length. Bigger than I’ve known before, more than She has known. Too much. Gagging, fighting to breathe, She resists. Relief. Short reprieve. Repeated ramming rough upon our tongue, our throat. Thrusts rapid, hard, saliva wetted cock sliding faster, faster, rough, raw. Explosion filling my mouth. So much cum. Too. Much. Cum.

Struggling to swallow, I do what I can, taming the tides crashing upon me. Creamy bounty coating my tongue, mouth, my throat. Swallowing the waves, cleaning him, draining him. Soft gaspings as I suck him, lick him after he gives no more, hearing him beg for me to stop.

Pleased, I stand upon my boot covered feet, stretching. Shoved against the brick wall, pussy filled two, three, four fingers deep, rough. Gasping, mewing, whimpering, he fills me, thrusting himself within, grazing my nexus, inferno exploding wide, ravenous heat expanding in tsunami waves. 

So close to cumming, rough, hard orgasms to match his brutality. She amplifies my sensitivity tenfold, climaxing me fast, quavering pulses forcing my body to shiver tight against him over and over and over again. Still, he continues, faster, deeper, pressing come hither upon the nexus there within the anterior of my slick arousal, slipping pressure lifting me upward again. Thumb quickly sliding upon my throbbing clit so exposed for him.

Leaning into him, coming hard, seeing stars, I feel my legs weakening quickly, each orgasmic delight sapping my strength. So much pleasure. Too much pleasure.

Forcing me onward, he makes me ride his hand, even more, telling me what a good little slut I am. How well I suck cock. Asking me how much I want him to fuck me raw. So compliant I am, She watches over me, knowing he has something clouded in his mind, not yet concrete.

Whimpering, begging, I tell him to fuck me now, just fuck me, fuck me however he wants. Fingers pulled away to leave me gaping hungry, empty, needing to be filled again. Hard, hot, thick cock replaces. Shoved against the wall hard thrusts deep, raw complete my wants of the moment. Knowing he’ll cum inside me soon. Knowing I’ll let him. Let him give me a cream pie. He refuses responsibility. She knows this.

She still sees the clouds swirling within him. Guarded thoughts She shares with me. Knowing She’ll react, respond to anything of danger, I abandon my defenses. Give fully over to his ramming rut, his cock slipping so fast in, out, in, out filling me as I need to be. 

Cockhead sliding across my nexus. Shaft base slamming, frictioning my clit it seems, so sensitive She makes me take it, every tiny stimulus arcs electricity through me.

Pumping harder, harder, harder, slamming rough, slick slapping wetness filling the air. Counterpointed by the friction upon my back, upon the skin scraping upon the brick as sandpaper. The spiking pain hurts only for moments before it feeds my pleasure, amplifying tenfold again my delight. She throws my dial to eleven, ripping off the knob, leaving me open to endless, continuous pleasure consuming, a succubus fuck-hungry whore.

Insatiable now, I swallow sensation after sensation within the depths of my mind, my body, my soul. Thoughts turn thoughtgasms as they bloom like novas deep within my mind. Orgasms quake my body continuously, endlessly, melting me into him, undone. Transcendental transformation as I feel otherworldly basking in the splendor light released, a noncorporeal existence discovered.

Unable to move, his pulsing follows shortly after. Feeling every spasm unleashed by his cock, knowing each one spurts cum deep within me, I accept his actions. Claimed by him, though I shall not keep him, I succumb to the fleeting feelings of ownership it generates.

In the fog left behind within my mind, I hear a snick-click, feel a cold metal edge against my throat. For a moment, I think it knife play surprised upon me. She flashes the truth. This is no play. This is no longer a game.

My legs firm up. I stand upon my own power over my body. Steeling myself for the last stratagem I have, the only gambit available to me. I don’t whimper. I don’t cower. I ask him, tell him, to stop with his intentions. His desire, his hunger to harm me. His twisted desire to kill me.

Laughing. Nothing but maniacal laughing. Then firmer pressure against my throat. I feel the sting of a shallow cut. I sense the tiny trickle of blood now oozing downward. Despite the pain, the surprise, I don’t cry out. My body, my mind, my spirit still to immobility.

I see time dilate. Expand. Slow. It’s time. She’s now in charge. All my senses turn glacial, time perceived upon another scale.

He made a fatal mistake. He woke the Ardor.

Tilting down my head, gazing upon the blade dull black powder-coated with a shiny honed edge, She blinks our eyes. My hazel vanishes, replaced by her brilliant glowing blue within blue. My jaw aches as I feel Her fangs erupt. Pain arcs through my fingers as Her claws burst forth. My voice blends with hers, dual tones, deep and high resonate.

For a moment, he’s stunned. Not knowing what to make of me, of Her, of us. I never know what we are blended together. I only know we are a fucking potent force of nature, one that should never be crossed, never angered. Goddess help this pathetic fool, as we don’t suffer them at all.

Guttural growls fill the air, a whimpering simpering pathetic boy turning white before us, hunger raging throughout our form. Gripping his knife hand, crushing bone, tearing flesh, he becomes a single-handed prey. Howling cries of pain filling the alley goad us on, watching him falling to his knees, pleading for mercy now. Watching his eyes fear-filled, lips heaping offers upon us in exchange for sparing his life, filling our ears with piles of promises made too late, nothing to alter his fate exists now. The Ardor must be sated.

Claw gripping his hair, fisting it tight, pulling him upward to his feet, we gaze hungrily upon our prey. Watching him struggle for us, writhing from pain, She tastes his fear, I scent it. Savoring every moment of his struggle, She licks his throat bared to Her as she twists his head around, sniffing the blood lying just beneath a thin veneer of skin. I grab his cock, his balls as she tastes hints of what is to come from him.

Gripping his sex tight, feeling him rapidly swaying his hips to free himself, enjoying his squirming torture, I slide my lips upon his, taunting him with our fangs, giving him the last kisses he shall receive from us this evening. Pleading fervently now, he begs for forgiveness, liberation from this torment we hammer upon him.

Slowly shaking our head, eyes working upon him as if to consume his soul, clamping down upon his arousal, keening screams shatter his throat as I crush tight upon it. That throat, out of our perverse mercy, we clamp our jaws tightly down upon, tearing it free. Silence fills the alley once more.

Well, perhaps not total silence. We are noisy eaters, after all, tearing tender flesh from bone, cracking bone for luscious marrow. And the organs. And the brain. All of him is delightfully tasty.

Seeing your face now, I know you think me a homicide-crazed freak. Such a horrible, terrifying story I finish, yes, I know. It’s not a sexy fairie tale or a dripping cum story. Well, my cum dripped. It still drips now.

You made me cum, cum, cum, and cum. My core still aches for more. But perhaps you no longer wish such close pleasures any longer. Perhaps I am a monster. Perhaps I am a beast. A demon. A succubus. An alien. In truth, I’m likely all.

So now, at last, ends my story. One that you’ll regret hearing, I think. I can only tell the truth, which unfortunately is stranger than fiction. I’ll dress and go, let you to your night that I’ve filled with nightmares. For that, I am sorry.

Lyra grabbed her clothes, quickly dressing, carefully adjusting her bra’s back to avoid the worst of the abrasions, working with haste to leave after sharing her story. Shoving her feet into her boots, she turned to head to the door, then glanced back at the silent girl staring at her, hints of a twisted smile beginning to fill her face. Facing the door again, taking a few steps, she sensed something changed, arcing electricity filling the air.

Rejecting it as her imagination, reaching the doorknob, a loud purring filled the room. Skin prickling, hair upon her neck standing, a familiarity calling to her. Facing the girl anew, seeing her eyes now, it was déjà vu. Out of the darkness glowing was the pair of blue within blue eyes of her story. At a loss for words, leaning against the door, she gazed perplexed, unable to do anything more save hearing the dual-toned voice floating upon the air.

“Earth is such a small world. A tiny blue marble, a speck in truth, within a vast blackness, orbiting an unremarkable star, in an insignificant solar system, within a galaxy that is one of many within an effectively limitless universe.”

The girl rose from the bed, her body illuminated by the street light shining through the shaded window. Fangs covered by full red lips. Claws terminating her now thick fingers. Her nude body striped by the light as she walked toward Lyra

“And yet, this planet is so vast, so rich in experiences to be had, cultures to meet, sights to see. It can be so very lonely, though. I thought I was the only one to pass by this primitive plant and select it to explore.”

Lyra shook her head, attempting to reject the information.

“There’s more of Her? I mean, She’s not… What is She? What are you?”

“Sweet little one, She is not alone in this world. While you know my host as Kelsey, you have yet to know my name. It is Zantha. I’ve been here for centuries, alone, save for my human host. She needs to find new identities after time passes as she never ages, thanks to our people’s healing powers.”

“Then who is She? Why doesn’t She have a name? How did She get into me?”

“Dear one, Her memories were impaired due to having to take you as a host without proper preparation. Her vessel was damaged, entering this solar system, causing life support systems to shutdown. She almost didn’t make it. That’s why you recall the time before the joining and after, but not during.”

“How the fuck do you know this?”

“I found the wreckage. I salvaged what I could, data, technology, supplies, then scuttled the rest. I’ve sought her ever since. Once I knew I was no longer alone, I had to find her.”

“So, who is She? Why does She make my body do the things it does, like your body? Why does she…”

“Why does She kill? That part carries over from our ancestor’s self-defense instincts before we learned to control them as more evolved beings. We can help with that. There are other ways to feed without harming the prey.”

“And Her name?”

“Tetha. Her name is Tetha. She and I are Relthra, a species you likely would refer to as body shifters. When true death is near, in circumstances when regeneration wouldn’t be possible to save our natural body, we take a host, inject our DNA, transfer our consciousness. We are ethical people, a moral species. Taking a host by force is repugnant to us. Tetha was in dire need, Lyra. I do not condone her actions, but I understand why.”

“I don’t want to be this monster. I just want her gone.”

“Regrettably, your civilization lacks technological development at this point in time for us to do that. We don’t have enough Relthra technology to improvise.”

“Then I either have her running around in my mind like a predator in waiting, or she turns me into a creature that murders people who threaten our safety?”

“Your culture has a song that comments about sexual healing. Marvin Gaye sang it. Exactly titled ‘Sexual Healing.’”


“Our people have a spiritual practice, one that can help heal those wounded gravely in their mind. It is based on sexual energies being exchanged.”

“We already fucked. That wasn’t a fucking fix right there?”

“Hmm. Lyra, fucking as most of your species does isn’t the same as the healing practice of our people. The closest analogous form to it would be the ancient Hindu tantric practice that goes back over five thousand years. It is about building a mind-body energy connection that leads to potent orgasms.”

“So make an orgasm powerful enough, and Tetha is healed?”

“Yes and no. It is better if we show you. Come to bed with us again. I promise you that the outcome is worth the journey.”

“So long as there’s no fangs, claws, or homicide.”

“There is no need for any of those things, dear one. Please, let me show you the most wondrous pleasures you can experience.”

Kelsey-Zantha shifted back to full human form, save the glowing blue eyes, taking her hand, walking her slowly toward the bed, kneeling together upon the mattress. Soft, slow kisses beginning to flow became reciprocated, fingertips caressing hair, cheeks, undressing Lyra, all slowly, carefully, creating potent positive energy full of healing intention.

Soft whispers leaving her partner’s lips filled Lyra’s mind. “Know this delightful fact – Tetha’s slowing of your senses will expand the duration of the pleasure while her amplification will augment the intensity of it by a hundredfold the closer we arrive at the mind-body-spirit nexus that creates the healing process. It will be an almost unending night of passion for all of us. The healing practice will make you crave more, likely making you wish to repeat it over and over again.”

Pussy quickly slickening from the simple thoughts of such intense, long-lasting pleasure, Lyra purred at the sensations to come. “Goddess, I can’t wait.”

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