Play By The Rules – Chapter 6 Sample

Looking at the smooth, lightly tanned skin, her muscles tensing, releasing, her eyes gazing down upon him, reaching up, he found the zipper, the button for her skirt, dropping it in less than a moment. Kissing her readiness, worshipping her anew, listening to her gasping whimpers, hands, then fists taking his hair tight, pressing his face tighter into all of her. Licking, lapping as a kitten, then taking her as a wolf, strong stroking tongue devouring her, making her wobbling, unsteady, forcing her to lean into him, pleading for more, asking, whimpering to be fucked.

“Goddess, Darren! You’re making me… Oh… Hmm… Please, just fuck me… I’m going to cum for you… Just fuck me… Shove your cock into me…”

Deep growling tones climbing his throat, controlling his focusing mind, sliding out to fill the air, left his lips clear, unequivocal.

“You do not get to cum, not until I say so.”

Glinting eyes blazing with the cravings of his core rapidly rose with his body, standing before her, taking a fistful of her hair, claiming her mouth, working buttons free, freeing her hair, flipping gossamer sheerness from her shoulders to the floor. Taking in all her form, unhidden, curves unending, gripping her hips, penetrating her parted lips, hearing her moan in his mouth. Hands taking his cheeks, holding them, fingers stroking his goatee.

“You want me to make you beg? You want my cock inside you? You love my dirty stories? What do you think I’m going to do now that you’re making my cock throb for you all over again?”

“Besides making me… making me… whimper until you fuck me?”

“Yeah, besides that. What else? What else do you think I’ll do? Hmm? Maybe this…”

Sliding a hand across her hips, down upon her mons, caressing the mound, wetting fingertips with her vixen honey, teasing her labia so swollen, parted, so ready to serve. Fingering her slit, tracing the path up, up, up upon the engorged clit, slickness lubricating pleasure, lovemaking in swirls and taps. Gasping moans, her body leaning into him, hands reaching to touch his, guide him. A simple statement, a low, growled command stopped them.

“Hands behind your back. Now. Do not move them from there until I say so.”

Instantly done, heart racing faster, anticipation rising, uncertainty filling her eyes. Needing more, wanting more, leaning clearly forward, thrusting hips forward, hair gripped tight, eyes blazing just inches from hers, lips grazing.

“You keep showing me what you want. That’s not what’s going to happen here. I’m going to show you want you need, what I’ll provide. You do something to me, Mac. You make me crazy. You drive me insane as much as you calm me. You make me want someone… Someone. I want someone for the first time. You don’t understand, you can’t. You can’t know what that means. I do. You’re bringing to life a wild, uncharted part of me.”

“Goddess, yes, Darren… Give that to me.”


Taken aback by his request she could only confusedly squeak. “What?”

Growling words slipped free. “Give me a safeword, Mackenzie. Before we continue down this dark path, give me your safeword, please. If you don’t have one, choose one now. We need it. To play this exciting game, to explore this uncertain part of me, I need to know when. I must know when to stop. I don’t trust myself to fully read your body language.”

“Hearts. I’m not a sentimental, romantic girl, so hearts.”

Logging the second mention of dislike for romance and sentimentality in his mental file, he assimilated the safeword.

“Hearts it is. Don’t hesitate to use it. If you feel uncertain, if you feel uneasy, if I’m too intense, use it. Don’t be brave. This isn’t a sexy story or the fifty shades of fuckery series. This is real. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes, I understand. I promise to use it.”

“Good, because you’re going to have all of me for the first time. No one has had all of me before. Not the ones who… The ones who did… No, that’s something for another time, another place. You have me as close to untouched by another as one can be who has seen… has felt… You’re the first person I’ve chosen to be with.”

Attempting to keep the surprise out of her voice, her words failed to hide the unexpectedness of her thoughts. “Really? You’re a… You write so very detailed, though… You’ve got a very experienced mind…”

“Yes. You’re my first chosen partner. I’m not a virgin, not that such a designation really means anything, but I’m not as experienced as I would… really like to be. I’ve fantasized so many, many times what I wanted to do with someone, my mind is experienced, but my body…”

“I’m yours. I’m willing. I want to be the girl you chose. It makes this all the more special.”

“You are special…”

Fisting her hair tight, wetting fingertips again, parting her lips below with gentle, insistent fingers, parting her lips above with his tongue, walking her back against the wall near the bed, trapping her, taking her as he liked, he felt her flowing heat within her tunnel, within her mouth, claiming her as many ways as possible simultaneously.

Knowing this was what she’d thought about, realizing this was better, her mind hoping Dirty Girl was watching, moaning delight filled her mouth, teasing her tongue, his tongue, surrendered body willing, open to accepting all that he would give.

The pain of fisted hair drove arcing electricity down, up, outward, inward within her, mixing pain with the pleasure between her thighs, thighs forced open by his leg, his fingers, filling her, making her writhing, bucking hard against him, craving more, knowing she’d only receive what he wished.

Feeling her arms pressed between the small of her back, the wall, trapped perfectly to expose all, jutting her breasts forward for him, all of him, she savored every moment he devoured her, taking yet giving.

Breaking his kiss, holding his fist against the wall, restraining her head for his needs, he finished his thought.

“…because you are the one I feel safe with to do this.”

“Hmm… Do this and more…”

Stroking deep within her slit to sweetly quiet her words, finding the unique nexus that until now he only knew in theory, slow lifting strokes upward, come hither fingering, mixing in slow tapping, holding, repeating the blend, listening to her calling his name with each wave of pleasure, firm, deeply growled orders followed.

“Do. Not. Cum. Don’t you dare cum you little slut!”

The words exploding in her mind, shivering outwardly, vibrating internally, knowing this was more of what she never knew she wanted from him, she whimpered his name, her promises softly, over and over.

“Darren… Darren… Yes, goddess… Darren… I won’t’ cum… Not until you tell me… I’ll be a good girl… Good girls get to cum when told… Darren… I want to be a good girl for you…”

Rapidly stroking fingers jolted her mind, her body spiking pleasure, forcing her to hold back her climax, teasing her so close, so, so very close to release. Arching back, sashaying hips attempted to escape the teasing forcing her closer, closer, closer knowing she couldn’t, not until she was given permission. Thinking something, anything, to keep the orgasm at bay, thinking about the boy, the college boy, Trent, teased, taunted, edged for hours. Knowing Dirty Girl could edge without giving commands, focusing upon those sensations, those thoughts, fighting the urges, the feelings telling her to let go, she knew it wasn’t her time.

Fingers so deep within, taking her so close again, climbing stair steps of delight, shocked by a nibble becoming a bite upon her neck.

“Goddess, Darren, you’ll make me cum! You fucking tease!”

“I told you. Don’t you fucking dare cum, you little slut!”

Whimpering, gasping, she looked down, so uncertain.

“I can’t do it… I’m going to cum… I’m trying… I’m trying so…. Goddess…. So hard… Umm…. Hmm…”

Firm, calm words followed her doubts.

“You will do this, Mac. You’ll do it because you know you want to be my good girl.”

“I do! I do want to be your good girl! It’s so hard… Oh, goddess…. You make it… Oh, my… So hard…”

“Do you know what the difference between good girls and bad girls is?”

Confused, wondering if it was a trick, she asked the implied question, quizzical tones filling her voice. “No, I don’t. What’s the difference?”

“Bad girls are dirty sluts, period. Good girls, however, choose with whom they wish to be bad girls, the dirty sluts.”

“So… I… Goddess, I’m so close… So fucking close…” Suddenly, the sensations stopped cold, dropping her hard, her clit, her nexus pulsing in response to now phantom stimulation.

“I’m going to edge you until you beg to be fucked. Then I’ll edge you even more.”

Fervently nodding, she mentally prepared herself for extended edge play, purring with delight, she began humming her contentment, filling the air with intense joy.

Intense stimulation began again, turning her humming into moaning purrs, feeling herself riding fingers sliding deep within, stretching her, spreading her, making her ready to take him within her. Spiking, gliding strokes shot her pleasure upward, making her feel the racing pace to the top of her precipice, so close to dropping down the other side, so close to cumming at last. Just short of the peak, denying her relief, fingers stopped their music upon her most needy centers.

Moments of nothing, then brazen fingers dominating her body anew, forcing her higher again. Dropping her, pulling her higher, pushing her back, over and over, teasing her body, putting her so on edge every touch, even the slightest, make her jump so sensitized was her being.

Powerful strokes filling her again, pushing her higher up the steep mountain, ramming her farther than before, she understood this would be where the test would be. He had her on edge for forever, feeling so within her mind, taking in the delicious feelings, perfect pleasure, she prepared to hold back her release with all her determination.

“I’m going to push you to the edge of your sanity. You won’t cum until I tell you. You will not cum. No matter how close you get, until I say so, you don’t cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I won’t cum. I’ll be a good girl.”

Faster fingers fucking her challenged her promise, forcing her to wiggle her core to reduce the intensity of her stimulation, forced to be immobile by his body a moment later, realizing she must focus intently, quite intently so, to avoid cumming. Moments later, sensing she was nearing her breaking point, she pleaded for mercy.

“Darren… I’m so… so close… Please… tell me… tell me I can… can cum… please?”

“Not yet. Don’t cum yet, not yet.”

“Please! I’m a good girl… Such a good girl… You can fuck… fuck me… however… you want… Just let me… let me cum…”

Leaning into her, eyes inches from her face, lips gliding upon hers, stroking her harder, faster, deeper, making her body contort with stimulation overwhelming her, his soft voice taunting her further.”

“Do you feel this, all of this?”


“This is a desire I’ve had for a long time. I’ve wanted to tease a girl without mercy, making her so aroused, so horny she’d do anything, absolutely anything, to cum.”

“I do… I will… Let me cum… Anything you want…

“I know what I want. I’ll tell you soon enough.”

“Anything… Let me… let me… cum…”

Leaning in beside her ear, pulling her head closer, fisting her hair so much tighter, fingers, thumb come hithering her nexus, swirling her clit, forcing her body to resist its release, he to told her the words she’d longed to hear.

“Cum on my fingers, hon. Cum hard on my hand. You have my permission.”

The softest whisper from his lips, resonating like shouted commands within her body, gave her the permission she craved. Allowing herself to tip over, at last, she dropped hard, increasing speed as the dropping sensation became a heated burst of energy. Cumming hard, exploding orgasmic waves washed over her, within her, rippling outward from her core, forcing her rutting body to fuck his hand, ramming his fingers deeper within. Riding him hard, harder, hardest, pumping, thrusting, pistoning herself upon him, working to maximize her climax, she lost all inhibition.

Moans catching in her throat, she tried keening her delight aloud, soft gasping, whispering his name the only option she had, satisfying her desire to vocalize her satisfaction.

Collapsing against his body, releasing her hair, slowly slipping out of her, pulling her close, he licked his fingers marked with her milky musk, showing her his contentment in tasting her again, embracing her with both arms, supporting her as her own body became limp.

“You’re such a good girl, Mackenzie. And I’ve got you safe in my arms. Speaking of arms and hands, you can bring them in front of you now. They must be sore, fallen asleep, or something by now.”

Struggling to move her fingers, she pulled her arms forward, feeling the pin and needle sensations of her limbs that had fallen asleep, counterpointing the pleasure still washing over her. The warmth spreading throughout her body preceded the relaxation of tension, the release of all anxiety and doubt. Knowing she was his at this moment, she opened her mind to possibilities, one being paired with her, him becoming hers. The fragility of it frightening her, she set it aside to contemplate for a while longer.

One thought on “Play By The Rules – Chapter 6 Sample

  1. Ref Excerpt “Play by the Rules” Chapter 6. Wow! Definitely got a reaction out of me! Intense and erotic! However one comment! Am I missing something here? Your frequent use of the word Goddess confused me to some degree. I assumed from the context you meant Goddamn and not Goddess or am I wrong. Other then that this was an amazing piece of writing! TU!


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