Alternate Social Media Platforms To Escape To Prior To The January 1, 2020 Twitter Banpocalypse

Given the problems with Twitter, Twitch, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit MeWe having Terms of Service changes made nebulous, retroactive, inconsistent, most often arbitrary – to make banning and demonetizing easy, often to the refrain “It’s for the children,” I’ve put together a list of alternatives to the primary, well known social media platforms for erotica writers, kinksters, and sex workers. Some are quite clearly adultly adult, others are more “Wild West” platforms where “free speech” literally means free where one can find much that may offend or be disagreeable.

Now, why the hell am I doing all of this in the first place? Well, here are some of the news articles and Terms of Service boilerplate to look at: – Key parts of article – As outlined by The Daily Dot and multiple NSFW artists, these policies are fetish-shaming and suggest, that in the new year, posts that don’t involve straight, heterormative sex could be removed from the platform. While this policy will mainly affect those accounts specializing in dominatrix or submission for example, Twitter’s blurry guidelines could potentially affect sex workers on the platform who post “sensitive media” without violating terms and services…….Twitter’s updated, and vague, guidelines, act as yet another hurdle for sex workers and NSFW artists trying to make a living. While it’s unclear if Twitter has plans to place a complete-ban on sexual content on its platform, its first steps in censoring NSFW accounts isn’t a hopeful sign. — “While reviewing the site’s Twitter Rules, governed by the terms, users found changes to Twitter’s “sensitive media policy” that bans “violent sexual conduct” and “gratuitous gore content.” The site defines adult content as media that is “pornographic or intended to cause sexual arousal,” including “cartoons, hentai, or anime involving humans or depictions of animals with human-like features.”

“These policies seemingly signal risks for posting sexual material that strays from straight, heteronormative depictions of sex. Adult creators and sex workers who specialize in consensual nonconsent, Domination/submission, impact play, bondage, sadomasochism, blood play, and guro could eventually find their material banned and their accounts suspended. Sex workers and adult artists who do not violate Twitter’s “violent sexual conduct” clause but mainly post “sensitive media” could be kicked out.”

First, for those who live stream or upload videos here are the following sites:

DLive – /


Mixer –

BitChute –

Patreon –

For those who do sharing of artistic works like photographs, illustrations, drawings, writing here are sites like:

Medium –

Minds, an open source platform for Internet freedom –

Sharsome – (Nothing is too sexy!)

Social NSFW, seems like Twitter/Tumblr type platform –

For Sex Workers, a Twitter alternative – that runs on the Mastadon social media platform – — FYI, the last time I visited switter they were working on a signup matter so this may not be available to join for a bit

Beta tester level, early access platform –


Literotica – To create an account

Free speech designed web browser Dissenter – and the social network that can run atop it, Gab –

I hope this helps explain the problem and provides you with alternatives that will help you move from Twitter or provide you a backup site.

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