Excerpt from Play by the Rules, Chapter 6

The newly joined tribe entered the floor with him following their lead, being gently led by her. Trailing behind Mac, his eyes noticing new details in the blacklight flooding the dance floor, observing an entirely alien world rolling out before him, enveloping him. The tension in her arm, the grip of her hand, pulling his focus intently upon her, watching her transform. Seeing fluorescing stitching on her calf-high leather boots, glowing diamond patterns in the black fishnet hose, white blouse shining like a radiant spirit moving in the air with her lacey bra even more radiant. The fabric of her microskirt glowed bright red squares, white crosses.

Moving fabric so bright to his eyes now enthralled him to drink in every moment of her hips, savor the skirt’s perfection. It fit every one of her curves, moving in a sultry left-right swing as she turned her head to see if he was watching her ass sashaying just for him. Meeting her eyes, seeing them glowing bright green, all he could think about was how sexy they looked on her.

Pulling the tail of her blouse free from the skirt waist, unbuttoning the bottom three buttons, then the top three. Locking her eyes with his gaze, she smiled wide. Motioning with a finger for him to follow her onto the dance floor, he could do nothing but trail behind, eagerly expectant for what was to come.

Walking up behind Mac when she turned away from him, Darren whisper-yelled into her ear above the cacophonic din, “So you’re either magically seductive or a lusty alien, either way, I like it.”

She turned around to give him a closer look of what she offered up to him, then smirked. “I thought you would enjoy the show, this show.”

“That I do,” he smiled both contentedly, nervously. “So, what’s your next trick?”

“Shut up, dance with me… you’ll find out very soon,” shouting over the music, winking impishly.

Taking up Darren’s hand again, she put him in the center of the busy floor. Her heated guiding fingers, her energetically pulsing curvy body, gradually helped him find their paired groove. Starting the body flow hesitantly at first, they moved out of sync, but Mac put her hands firmly on Darren’s hips, gripping him tight, helping him swing in time with her, showing him how to follow the music with his torso, head, arms. Blending in with the other dancers, those around them who looked more hypnotized, melded with the music, they remained focused upon each other alone.

Minutes later, Darren and Mac were matched intently, in steps, body movements, perspiration glistening upon their skin now ruddy flushed from exertion and lust. The music’s frenetic tempo making the dancers gyrate, pulsing moves out with the endless techno, trance, deep house music waves changing the dance styles as they blended, melting from one into another. The movements, the music, the lighting finally hypnotized Darren. Feeling direct control, then awareness slowly dissociating away.

It had been a long time since he last felt that uneasy sensation. Reliving those moments within his mind, all those unpleasant experiences causing a break between the then, the now. Feeling it now was like having euphoric drunkenness without alcohol in his body. He could only watch as his focus, sensory inputs slowly slipped away. Gradually becoming a voyeur within his own body, he felt the disembodied floating again. Nothing felt real. Everything felt imagined. Even the data filling his mind from her directly in front of him seemed full fiction.

Mac deeply, intimately entering his personal space, reducing it from a couple feet to zero, gazing deep into his eyes, putting her hands on his, placing his upon her hips, hers finding purchase upon his shoulders. Moving her legs to be offset with his, beginning to grind her skirted sex against his thigh while keeping her gaze locked on his. Seeing his eyes showing surprise, raised eyebrows to match, breaking a flashback-drunk smile. Pleasantly surprised by the dream before him, his body automatically pulled her even closer until they were touching with nothing between them but thin veneers of cloth. Feeling the sensation of floating on air, watching was the only option available to him, his body slowly beginning to act upon basic, carnal instincts, long-hidden desires.

Sensual tension exploded at the friction-touch distance. Dissociation making him feel entirely without filters to holding him back. A full mental, sensational transition had passed. His body functioning independently of his conscious mind. Feeling a delay in experiencing the sensations from his body acting upon stimuli, all feeling it was a total immersion first person view movie.

Closing the remaining distance, his lips grazing hers with a full-on hungry kiss that smeared her lipstick from its intensity. Hands sliding from her hips, fully grabbing her firm, curvaceous ass with a fervent grip upon her bountiful cheeks that his body suspected hungered to be owned. Arms tightly encircling his neck, feeling her reciprocate his kisses with even more fiery heat, his body seeking, hungering for more. His cock filling with ravenous hunger raging to free itself from his jeans causing a blazing fire to wash over him threatening to consume all of him, her with pure, unadulterated wanton lust.

Feeling her own fiery cascade surging over, within as lightning bolts lanced down and back from her stomach to her well-aroused cunt, dripping wet, panty soaking, so much in need of his attention. Hearing her clit begging for skilled, tender, frenzied attention. Its demands made clear as it engorged with arousal following her pussy’s lead spawned by its friction upon her lover’s thigh.

Sliding one hand off his shoulder as they ground together, down between her skirt waistband, stomach, sliding her fingers under her satiny slick panties. Confirming her heat tactilely, dipping her fingers well into her sweet honey.

Cupping some with bent fingers, her hand retreating upward.

She whisper-shouted into Darren’s ear, “Do you know how fucking wet you’ve made me?!” Shaking his head, now realizing he had a steadily growing wet spot on his pant leg where her grinding focused.

“Taste me,” whisper-shouting over the din of the music. “Taste how horny you make me!”

Passing her honeyed fingers before his face, detecting her heated vixen-musk, opening his mouth to let her feed him her gift, closing his mouth down upon her fingers, sucking them clean while swallowing all of it.

The self-mind watching the automatic animal-mind fully set on primal needs, turning her around, her back grinding hard against his front, feeling her firm, ample ass tease his barely restrained cock. Sliding one hand under her arm, cupping her breast with it, the other sliding down from below her other, making a slow, deliberate journey to her stomach, then farther south.

Laying her head back against his neck, letting his hands explore her body as she craved for him to do, her heart thumping hard enough to jump out of her chest, to explode before him out of still unrequited needs. A quickening pulse made her body primed to welcome his designs for her tonight, legs spreading for him to have her. Reserving from him nothing of herself, willingly offering every part of her to him to have. Arcs of neural electricity jolting her swollen clit, making her cunt ripple within preparing her to be fucked. Fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked. Just fucking get fucked her prime directive focus for that night.

Gently cupping her breast, caressing her areola through the gossamer cloth, electricity jolting her nipple at his fingers tugging, rolling it. Panting as her back arched, then fell flat against his chest. Finding her hardening peak, urging him onward, hot, slow, focusing fingertips teasing it through her thin satiny bra. Tension building within from hair to toes, needing more, more, more.

She whisper-shouted to his ear, “Bite me! Bite my neck! Bite it now!”

His self-mind, his senses becoming vaguer feeling at that moment, becoming further disconnected from his filters, mores, values, having no metric with which to judge right from wrong, righteous from wicked, virtue from sin. His body merely acting, hearing her begging for him to bite her. Without hesitation, tilting his head, taking in the flesh of her soft, delightfully sensitive neck between his teeth, teasing her nipple between his fingers, thumb, masturbating her well-soaked cunt with fingers while rubbing her clit in gentle, quick circles, feeling more an animal than a man in these moments. Asking him to act, he acted. Pleading for him to do, he did.

“Oh, my fucking goddess,” Mac cried out with her voice partially drowned out by the music.

Not expecting the pleasurable jolt of his trifecta, the fire in her cunt blasting full incinerating flame, a crashing wave of muscle contractions rolled over all her mind, her body, her spirit as her cumming exhibited itself full-on in public. Experiencing one pleasure spasm after another hit her as she exploded, pulsing deep within while cumming on his hand over and over. Legs beginning to buckle slightly, thinking she might fall from becoming totally limp in the orgasmic aftermath, feeling so hot inside her entire center from showing off her orgasming body, yet still craving more, more, more, so much more.

Hypnotic beats, entrancing notes continued to feed the dissociation as they melted together as one. Slowly pulling his hand from between her thighs, slowly lifting it to his mouth, turning her head to watch him, their gazes locked together watching his tongue licking clean his fingers one by one, then kissing her thoroughly, entirely, heatedly on her lips, slipping his tongue between her parted plump curves. Wanting her to taste herself as he continued savoring her honey, tongues caressing each other while struggling for dominance, seeking to sate hunger, frenzied movements slowing. Facing each other again, deftly, slowly, gradually devouring each other with smoldering, inferno fire kisses. Hands gripping her ass tightly anew, seeking to mark it with strong, firm fingertips upon her cheeks, showing he owned that delightful part of her body. Breaking their hungry passion of lips, tilting his head slightly, biting the other side of her neck, he bit down, gripping her ass even harder, forcing her tight against his chest, stomach, hips. Hearing her yell-moan-mew-pant like one endless sound, locking gaze with her, eyes flashing with craving toward him as she panted with need.

Breaking their embrace, taking Darren’s hand, leading him off the dance floor into a darker corner, his ears stopped processing the roaring despite the music still pulsing, throbbing., the sound muted to his self-mind and senses. The self-mind segment heard Mac better now though still a challenge, working its way back to merge again with the animal-mind as the hypnotic hold of the club weakened.

Besides a barked, “Come on, quick!” that he heard moments before, she didn’t seem to want to talk with her lips, her body beginning to speak for her.

Leaning against the wall in the dark corner, motioning him to kneel, doing so unquestioningly, he looked up. Watching hands running up under her skirt, ones scented with vixen-musk catching the hips of her panties, watching her pulling them down shaking legs, motioning for him to help her get them over her boots, he complied as desired, then standing when Mac motioned, sliding her passion-musk scented, honey-soaked panties into his front jeans pocket, then motioning him to kneel once more.

Widening her stance slightly, slowly pulling up the front hem of her skirt, displaying, exhibiting to him a clean-shaven pussy still sticky slick from her arousal, the arousal he brought out from deep within. Gazing up at her with primal instinct, knowing what to do, closing the distance between where he knelt, her expectant core of lustful passion. Watching her, angling himself just right, not needing to strain his neck for licking up her voluminous cream, keeping their eyes upon each other, his tongue cleaning off the nectar on her engorged lips, flicking his tongue over, around, into her clit hood, heated channel, feeling, seeing her shudder. Eyelids fluttering while her lips pursed, focusing on her clit with gentle strokes, treating it like a rare dish to be slowly savored. Her fingers running through his hair as he continued to tease her.

Slow caresses of his goatee, his mustache teasing slowly around her cunt, observing her response, her stance widening even more, moving kissing caresses up, down each thigh, each calf, the focus was on maximum stimulation to please her thoroughly, completely, attentively, watching intently as he made her pant from the teasing, purposely denying her release. A single, slow, gentle orgasm was coaxed from her body. For his animal mind, that was enough for now. Finding the perfect spot, sucking on her inner thigh, gently biting down watching for effect, her head bobbing yes, biting down hard. Her eyes closing, her breath quickening, he saw her once cleaned cunt glistening, slickening with her nectar yet again.

The other thigh becoming his new target, he didn’t need to look to ask this time. Marking her body again, making her his one inch, one bite at a time. Ears barely hearing moaning over the din of the music, becoming quite proud of himself nowm biting her again, a hard mark on each inner thigh, watching her lips form a small O, watching her pant, watching her face form whimpering, pleading, needing pantomime.

Not knowing what to expect when pulling him over to the dark corner for more personal attention to her needs, thoughts racing at light speed through her mind consumed her.

Would he go down on me? Oh, fuck yes, he did, he does. He doesn’t refuse like some other guys have. Showing attention to detail? Oh, goddess, yes. Focusing on pleasing me? Mmm-hmm. No going through the motions with him between my thighs. My wants and needs are so fucking intensely high. Needing real, delicious, thorough attention to my cunt, he fucking gives it to me, leaves me so wet, still wanting more the more he fucks me. It’s absolutely perfect torture. He’s the torturer I’ve needed for so, so long. I don’t need Dirty Girl. He’s all mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

Explosive, radiating arcs of pleasure making her shake her entire being awake, feeling his facial hair teasing her, giving her sensual shivers, especially as he caressed her inner calves and thighs, rocking her to the deepest reaches of her core.

These sensations, goddess, so fucking newly delicious. No one ever has done that type of pleasuring to me before. Feeling it makes me want to fuck his face right now until my cream coats every inch of his goatee, his lips. When he bit my inner thigh the first time, that was such a twisted sensation, but nodding yes, so unsure inside, it felt so good. That jolt of electricity through my clit and pussy, fuck that blows my goddess blessed mind. I wanted more, he gave it to me. I want more. Spread my legs wider, hmm, that will tell him what I want, just for that, just so he will go down on me like no one has ever done before. I’m a greedy girl now, so, so greedy.

Racing thoughts of so many more, dirtier things she wanted him to do to her began filling her mind, putting her on a thin, sex-craving edge, hungering needs to sate her desires multiplied as she made a mental list.

Do I need to be the instigator for more of this? Do I care? Needing him deep inside me is one thing I want. Filling me with his cum, I need for two. Making me cum until I pass out, that is thing three I want. Fucking me so hard, deep, and much that I can’t walk right for a week or two, that’s on the list too. The order of the cock fucking and orgasms need to be adjusted, but fuck it. Mmm, cumming again, goddess that, hmm teasing me, taking me to the point where I might have to beg. Would begging to cum be so bad? Do I really want to get what I want the instant I want it? Dirty Girl never begged for anyone. I might want to… it might just be fun

“I need your touch so much,” Mac whimpered, barely audible over the music.

Darren nodded. He was indeed giving her his touch. Hearing what came next surprised him.

“Make me beg, make me beg, please.”

Um, okay,  yes, he thought. Give the girl what she wants. But how do I make her beg?.

Flowing upward slowly, watching her eyes never stray from his, lips upturning to a soft smile as his tensing muscles stretched, flexed throughout his form, pent up energy pulsing outward through shoulders, neck, hands, hips, thighs, calves. The look of lupine hunger spreading across her face made him take it in an inch at a time to savor. His own was but a gliding touch away from her lips, those of a lover hungering to place them upon sensual flesh to devour with lustful frenzy. Without words, she told him her needs, her wants, her cravings.

She says yes, he told himself, though he knew that fact from her physical consent. I don’t know if I can do this right. Erotica is so much one thing, all fantasy. This is real, a real girl wanting me. Don’t screw this up, Darren. Maybe take some hints from the fiction, take the rest slowly. Slow is smooth, guy. Let her tell you, show you. Let her lead. And don’t let anxiety fuck this up either.

Nothing more needs to be said then. She’ll lead me to where she desires.

Following the erotic he’d read as suggestions, as guides, his strong, firm, skilled hands grasped her curvy hips, lifting her Rubenesquely feminine form while his muscled, hard, soft, curvy body moved closer to the wall, pinning all of her between him and the cold, gripping surface that counterpointed her hot, slickened readiness.

Instinctually wrapping her legs around his hips, crossing them behind his back, he gently ran his fingers through her hair, looking into her chocolate drops yet again, began nibbling her neck while cupping both her breasts in his hands, noting now how firm yet soft, full, rounded they were. Measuring her bounty by handfuls, caressing her flesh, he felt sweetly lost touching her so intimately, lovingly. She was enough, more than enough, more than enough to savor, more than enough to kiss, more than enough to lick, to suck, all that he could ever want held in his hands. Paired perfection to his needs, his desires, his likes, his lusts.

Closing her eyes, not needing his constant, unceasing gaze upon her any longer for keeping her on fire, his touch, his splendidly delicate, deliciously tender touch, as wordlessly asked for, kept her burning inside. Knowing the heat in her core wasn’t going anywhere for a long while, she relaxed within his embrace, feeling his body controlling hers, pinning her in place.

One thought on “Excerpt from Play by the Rules, Chapter 6

  1. Lindsey this was freakin’ outstanding! One of the most intensely written sexual encounters at a dance club I have ever read! Kudos to you! Wow! Just Wow! The sexual energy was surely palpable! I could smell her sex on her fingers when she brought them up to his face! I could taste the juices of her copious lubrication! You have achieved what you set out to do in the segment of the story! (wily303204 – twitter)


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