Sappho’s Sisters

The apartment foyer awaited their use…

His chocolate eyes changed from warm, comfortable to hard, bestial. His hair buzzed short on the sides and back, spiked straight on the top made him look feral tonight. The animalistic appearance he had formed part of the desire to leave.

Evie knew now she couldn’t move away from him even if she wanted to, which she didn’t for the most part even as her sense of fear rose higher and higher. Her body was firmly held by his muscular torso and arms. The dominated fear of powerlessness accelerated her body’s rhythms from the superinjection of adrenaline rush. Trapped began to be the feeling for which her body yearned. She felt giddy with the new, total, utterly dangerous desire to be unable to free herself, likely now powerless to stop what was to come. Her body simply wanted to cum, nothing more, nothing less.

She saw his lips moving but couldn’t seem to hear his voice for several moments. Then his words became audible.

“I love how into me you are, ” he teased. “I’ve been thinking about you for so long. I wanted to be with you tonight, all night.”

“You have an entire army of girls who want you, ” Evie quipped with a seductive tease. “You can have any girl you want. Why me? Why tonight?”

“You’re the girl who doesn’t throw herself at me. You’re the girl who doesn’t flirt shamelessly. You’re the girl who makes me want to be serious about my classes. I admire you, Evangelina.”

The words didn’t match his actions. The words seemed too slick, too sly, too seducing. Every warning klaxon roared out calls of danger.

It’s my jadedness, she told herself. I always think people are out to do me wrong. I’m a fucking pessimistic girl. I worry about being hurt and never let anyone in, not really. Rob’s a good guy.

Aside from being the wet dream for every girl with a heartbeat, he’s never done anyone wrong. Fuck, he hadn’t flirted all night from what I saw. He came right to me with a purpose. The dominant, explicit, direct use of fucking my body every which way. I can live with that.

“Okay, Rob, ” Evie purred. “I give you points for seduction. But why would I want to be with you tonight? What is it you want? Guys have expectations of girls. What do you expect from me?”

“Good conversation.”


“And the feel of your body against mine.”

“And, ” Evie began to drunkenly laugh. She couldn’t help herself. The game of words was too humorous and tempting.

“And the taste of your lips upon mine.”

His face slowly dipped down to hers. Evie knew her body was five feet eight inches tall and he was over six feet, at least a head taller than her if not a slight bit more. His height made him seem more impressively manly, virile. His kisses now fully reflected that. She let down her guard. She let him in.

His kiss abated slightly. It was slower, better controlled. Evie felt safer with him in the current moment.

“And?” Her teasing tone continued. “What else do you want? A quick suck? Do you want to brag to your friends about me speaking great French?”

Her grin twisted deeply wicked and tawdry. She was using humor to hide her more deep-seated fears that he only wanted to use her for his selfish needs and throw her away. It was one of her most potent concerns from her past. Being liked, wanted only for as long as she was useful, had a purpose, filled a need. Thrown away once such usefulness was extracted.

“No, Evie. I’m not like that. I have appearances. That’s not me. You see the real me. I don’t have to pretend with you.”

“You still want a mindblowing blowie don’t you?” Her eyebrows rose and waggled. “I know what guys want. Girls talk.”

“Only if that’s what you want,” he said with urgent assurances that he was truthful. “I really like you, Evie. I’m not going to guilt you or pressure you. I wanted to have some fun with you tonight. Just you. Something mutual. I want you to enjoy this and feel okay with it.”

Her eyes scanned his face as if passively accepting his assurances. Part of her didn’t feel right. The signs and signals of honesty shown brightly. She shoved her misgivings aside and took a chance.
“I’ll tell you what I want then, Rob.” Her lips pulsed now with each new word dripping newfound lust and open sluttiness. She let out her dirtiest dirty girl to play. She’d go big rather than go home. “I want to know first if you’re a grower or a shower kind of guy.”

He looked at her with great surprise that she’d be so bold. That she’d have such a dirty mouth and mind. The surprise turned to a hot, tameless broad grin.
Her hand first slid down between his jeans’ waist and shirttail, then between the soft cotton of his boxer briefs and skin. The thick hair, almost fur-like, she dreamt that he had she could feel all the way down to the base of his cock. Her soft, smooth skin brushed the curls of his strong core. The pulsing arousal was so both very supple and very firm in her exploring palm. She gradually wrapped her fingers around its girth.

Rob gasped aloud. Evie watched his eyes lose focus for a few moments. Her wicked grin flashed hot, insatiable. She watched his grin birth upon his face and quickly grow.

“You feel like such a handful Rob. And you keep growing. You are a grower. I wonder how big you’ll grow for me.” Her eyes turned wanton, devious, depraved. “I want to see all of you now.”

And this, dear reader, is the end of the excerpt…

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