Cherishing Me

Cherishing me with your attention and affection…

I didn’t know that you hungered to know me for so long.

I didn’t know you’d observed me from afar so many days after days, nights after nights as I worked upon my assignments.

I didn’t know you’d read parts of my secret stories as you gazed upon my body.

You let me know these details that one night. That special night. That night we were locked within your domain. That night we spent in the university library. That night you ignited every part of me.

Your touch upon my body, that was such heaven. You were like silk upon my needy skin with each loving caress. In your eyes I saw the pleasures yet to come.

You stilled my fears when I told you I had never been with a girl. That I’d only played around with boys when I was younger, still in high school.

You explained it wasn’t being with a girl. It was being with someone who knew what I wanted so intimately. With someone who wanted to make me feel as good as the characters in my sensual stories. With someone who wanted to hear my thoughts, feel my heat, taste all of me. You told me it was simply a fact you were a girl. You told me your only desire was to please me.

In the darkness of the deepest stacks you kissed me like trickling rivulets leaving soft swaying paths behind as you set my body ablaze. I’d never felt such gentle passion consume me so raw, so vulnerable. Each inch you uncovered was blissful joy within my mind. My body shivered, shuddered with such fervent, focused attention of your lips, your tongue, your teeth.

You had me nude before you. The shy girl that I am I tried to hide myself from your heated gaze. My wrists you grasped and spread my arms wide. Fully exhibited to your eyes, you made me. My body flushed from shame. Your kisses took it away.

I felt your tender worship flow over me entirely. You pushed me back upon the slick, glossy reading table, telling me to open myself wide for all you wished to do. For what you wished to gift to me. Like creamy wings, my legs flew wide. My most sensitive center was yours unprotected.

Each taste new was much better than the last. Each lick was nirvana. Each kiss perfection. Each penetration was pure heaven. I couldn’t hold back gasps, my purrs, my keening. You told me to be as loud it soft as I wished. You wanted me to tell you what I like the most.

You told me never to stop arousing for you. You told me you would never stop feeding my fire. Not tonight. Not tomorrow. Not ever. From your devouring attention, all of me surrendered, from mind to spirit, my body in between. The night crawled in exquisite ecstasy, never stopping.

Your body never stopped cherishing me. Not until you make me limp, made me melt, made me all yours.

Never stop cherishing me I whimpered as your kissed my lips with yours deeply flavored with my luscious heat. You promised me them my desire would be your command.

Now you have me anytime you hunger, anytime you lust. You never stop cherishing me.

You never stop feeding my needful cravings to explode upon you when you tell me to, never before.

You never stop making me feel loved.

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