You Sassed Daddy

Teaser quote from a good Daddy/darling daughter story

You sassed me and dared me, so you had to taunt me one last time and now you will earn what you deserve. My fist holds your hair tight and as you whimper cries of “Daddy, Daddy, please don’t, I’ll be good for you…” fall on deaf ears. You had your chance to be obedient, focused, attentive and you chose to be bratty.

I drag you to the couch where you will be punished, regardless of how much you cry and whimper. You try to sass me again and I slap your cheeky mouth firmly, you cry despite Daddy knowing you like it. You resist my desires with your mind and body, but you asked me to train you, educate you, teach you…and now is the time for a lesson.

Daddy binds your wrists with rope even though you fight him. He also binds your ankles as you try, unsuccessfully, to get away. I make certain your ass is well placed for Daddy’s desires. He loves to gaze as your ass so much, but even more at your shaven cunt, Daddy’s favorite fuck hole to rape you in for His pleasure. Daddy admires His work for a time, watching daughter squirm, whimper, cry, tug. Perfection.

Daddy lifts your skirt up to bare your ass, so easily done as daughter has not worn panties since He told her not to. Smack. Smack. Smack. Daddy beings little babygirl’s punishment with firm spanks from His hand. The more daughter squirms, the rougher the spanks. Daddy makes you count them out. When you miscount He starts the spanking from the beginning again.

When Daddy’s hand tires He selects the riding crop to make some very focused lashes upon daughter’s ass flesh now already a heated red. Your moans can no longer be hidden by your whimpers, so the cropping increases in tempo.

Ass cheeks migrate to cunt lips to clit being cropped, especially cropping the drippy, slutty cunt. Daddy unzips His pants and frees his cock, slamming it into daughter’s reddened cunt like a hammered nail. Daddy hears your whimpers about not fucking her, but Daddy tells you it will be rough, hard fucking, very much a rape and babygirl will be left with cum dripping out her well abused fuck hole.

Daddy has not forgotten how fertile daughter is. In fact, Daddy is glad that daughter is so healthy in that way because He wants to leave His cum in babygirl until she is knocked up. Daddy may need to fuck daughter quite a few times to get her that way, but He will be glad to keep rough fucking daughter until that day occurs.

Daddy rams in, pulls back, rams hard to the hilt in again, and again, and again, owning babygirl’s cunt as another piece of property. When Daddy cums daughter feels her womb filling with spurt after spurt after spurt of Daddy’s cum. He keeps fucking babygirl until the last drops of cum are spurted, then leaves the well used slutty girl bound to reflect upon her disobedience…

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