Beautifully Broken Are We

Beautifully broken are we
So much harm bestowed upon me
My innocence of childhood rent to shreds
You found me I know not how
Perhaps your sixth sense of skilled empathy
You saw me as I was, worthy of love
You knew my self-doubt was strong
You knew my self-esteem a void deeper the than Marianas Trench
You didn’t give up or run, you stayed strong and true
I saw your brokenness too
How they hurt you, harmed you, broke you near totally through
I took your hand in mine, to lift you up
You knelt before me instead, held me tight
Your heated tears flowed as cascades down my leg
You found your strength in giving over your fears and doubts to me
You found the power to trust again as I laid my silken influence over you
I keep your body, your mind, your spirit guarded
You find total comfort in my presence
You surrender your past to my care
You feel hope now as you breathe in such fresh air
You follow my guidance as I train you for my joy
You find your safe place within my desires
I leave you never wanting when totally laid bare before me
Wanton, chaste, slutty, virtuous you want to be mine as such and more
When you wake from your nightmares I hold you near my dear
You comfort me as my terrors come at me in the night
Our craziness and brokenness fit together as pieces of a complex puzzle
I cannot think of another I wish to upon me nuzzle
My dominance for you a salvation much craved upon your heart
Your submission my balm you work into me with kindest hands
I cannot think of another I wish to have
You tell me never you wish to leave
How beautiful our brokenness is
We heal each other through trauma made beautiful
I love you beyond love, my need of you more powerful than a supernova

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