I made a decision so I can afford to write more

I love to create characters, scenes, themes, subjects, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions so I can write stories that move me, inspire me, motivate me to write. In that process I’ve seen how popular my stories have become. I offered them on the “pay what you want” pricing configuration since I published my first book on Smashwords.

I’ve decided that for me to afford to spend intensive time, energy, and creativity writing, revising, preparing, and publishing my works that I need to generate more income. I don’t expect to rake in the money from my creativity. I’m not a well-known author. I’m still fresh like a newly picked fruit.

I believe in the value of what I write. I believe it’s worth a price that is quite affordable for readers, $0.99 US. As a sweetener, I provide a generous preview percentage of my works so that one can see if the book is interesting enough to purchase to read the rest.

Justifying the decision to do this isn’t necessary though I will anyway. I will explain it simply. It’s like any other artist. After a certain point there needs to be a form of compensation to support further creations. With the fact that I’ve sold over one hundred copies total of a mix of all seven books, I’ve made this decision to increase my resources to improve and futher my work.

Enjoy my current and future labor fruits.

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