A sweet romantic erotica story – Claiming His Destiny – 14,049 words

When engineering student Destiny drops of an assignment while she is on the way to clubbing with her friends she unexpectedly lights a fire within her engineering professor Andrew. Things get complicated when he, who has great influence over her studies, lab assistant job, and her future career, askes her out on a date.

What seemed to be a questionable offer becomes more complicated when he asks her to wear the same outfit for their dinner date that she wore for clubbing that one night.

She feels unworthy of being seen as attractive by someone, but Andrew shows her that she is both beautiful on the inside and outside and not just in physical qualities. He sees that she is more than she believes herself to be. He also quells her fears of obligations upon her to offer carnal compensation for the expensive meal they enjoy together.

What begins the steamy spiral is mutual confessions of what Destiny thinks are sins of craving her professor and he reveals his desires for her body and mind. He turns up the heat when he reminds her that she has the power over what happens that evening and they take what appears at first glance to be an after dinner walk in the park. That walk becomes a choice for Destiny to choose her destiny with Andrew.

What will she do when given the choice? What will Andrew do to her, with her if she gives her permission to go deeper into the wanton wantings they both have for each other?

Find out in this sweeter erotica romance short story.


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