My second dark erotica story – The Advertisement – 12,192 words

I have now uploaded to Smashwords my fifth self-published story that is the second dark erotica story I’ve written so far. I have various dark poetry in prose shorts that I wrote a few years ago for a former Tumblr account prior to the Great Prude Purges on that platform over the past year or so. That is a topic for another blog post.

This work has very, very dark themes, scenes, and actions. It was a work that I wrote for a woman who contacted me online for a sadism story that would satisfy her darkest urges, that would give her pleasure like nothing else. I, of course, accepted the challenge and let my mind roam the darkest corners of my own desires, things I don’t let out to play. In this work I let them out for the first time and they formed this story.

The story itself is 12,192 words but the ebook, with front and back matter (title page, copyright notice, acknowledgements, about the author, published works, and social media links) brings it up to 13,844 words. It is a full story but it leaves a major part of the ending open to the reader’s imagination as to what the main character, Siobhán, does once she seizes her opportunity.

It’s not a feel good story in the common view. It does, however, have a crucible segment that takes Siobhán through hell and out the other side a changed woman. It does titillate darker sides of kink, depraved fantasies, things that are the blackest of the black cravings. However, it’s also its own story where a woman learns that she needs to think about consequences for her actions, especially when the stakes are so high.

If this flavor of erotica and dark story telling are your thing, please feel free to read the book. If you prefer something softer, sweeter, gentler, I have works that are that kind. I do allow sampling exactly for these reasons. I believe readers are adults, my work is only for mature adult consumption, who can determine what they want to read or not. If someone complains about the story after being given ample and clear advisement, that is on them. Some of us can handle the conflicting sensations and feelings of darker works.

I will also throw out a trigger warning advisement for those who have been sexually assaulted and/or raped and/or suffered sexual abuse at any age. This will be a triggering story from the start. If you have any doubts about how you would respond to a dark erotica story, do not read it, not even the sample.

I have survived sexual assault and rape as a child. For me this story allowed me to confront both my horrors and my kinks around the events. For me it was a work of liberation and freeing myself from my personal darkness. I don’t expect another reader who experienced such things to feel the same as I do about it. We all have our own stories and complex traumas to deal with. We can only do ourselves, not one else.

So, please, please, please, if you are triggered by sexually abusive themes or topics, do not read this work.

With nothing additional to say, please visit my new book on Smashwords here:

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