A much darker turn in my erotic writing – The Breaking and The Owning

I worked up the courage to publish one of my dark erotica stories that I originally wrote at the request for a female online who wanted to read a very dark erotic story. What resulted was this story and one other.

This one revolves around a human trafficker who needs to pay off a debt to the head of a syndicate or else he won’t have much of a life span. He starts the story out being strictly business doing whatever he has to do to get the “product” obtained to offer “services” that will get his debt paid off. However, the woman he kidnaps and begins to traffic finds the weakness in his cold personality and makes him undone because she sees through him and knows he is broken. What starts as pure business slowly turns into him finding his humanity to protect the woman whose body is going to pay off his debt and free them both.

The thing is, this story is complicated. It is written as dark erotica for a person who loves the feel of sadistic scenes, forced sex, extreme sexual use and abuse. It is also a very gritty, unapologetic, unflinching story about roughly two days of a human trafficking situation. There is no happy ending. There is no hero that saves the day. There is no cavalry swooping in to save the trafficked souls.

What is there is a man who is neither good nor bad, but does what he must to survive. Until the woman he takes finds and awakens his humanity a shattered shard at a time. She does something to him that alters his decisions and reactions to become her protector despite what he has done to her throughout the story. The end of the tale is not a happily ever after. It is an ending where there is hope, thin threads, but still hope for something better.

And still there is the dark erotic titillation for those who enjoy roughly written scenes and events. It is a twisted two-for. Feel free to let me know what you think. Just don’t think this is one of my sweeter offerings. You’ve been warned.


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