Love, Lust, Sex, and Education — Details about my second published ebook

My second work, “Love, Lust, Sex, and Education,” is uploaded to Smashwords for distribution as of this morning. It’s another novella with erotic focus, more romantic, some light kink.

It deals with a couple who have their mental health matters which cause complications in their responses to obstacles and in learning how to communicate appropriately with each other. There’s a bit of bipolar mania and depression, complex PTSD, anxiety, excessive desire to control one’s surroundings, creating rules to protect oneself from new harm. Items such as these and more are woven into the fabric if this story.

It also has a very dark theme where the male protagonist struggles with the elaborate PTSD flashbacks and experiences them while with one of the female protagonists. He also shares more in-depth details about his abuse. A good portion of it is based on real events that did happen to someone I know but written such that it protects their privacy.

There are upbeat and light-hearted situations, but there’s also some heaviness and darkness articulated. My characters are broken for the most part, but they still live life and work to overcome.

Enjoy it and let me know what you think!

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