You want to be used by me

You want to be used by me. I see it in your eyes. I see it
on your lips. Your standing form angles just so, canted
from your aroused cunt burning steamy witness.

You want to gift me your moist panties so I will take you
down the dark alley and fuck you into sensual euphoric
release after release. You want to ravagely use your
slutty mouth whorish quim wanton ass at my desire.

I know you don’t care if you know my name my real name.
Your mind knows only that my words make your need for
release urgent more urgent most urgent with every syllable
I say. You just want me to come on you. Come in you. Come
over you. Whatever I want you know you will offer me for
the release after blissful release you know I will give

You don’t care what I look like because you want
blindfolded fantasy where you know not what my next move
will be. You want me to take you like a fuck toy for my
pleasure no matter what the month’s day is for your body
as you know you just want it. You crave what I make your
body do against your conscious will as I make it betray
your real thoughts.

You can’t wait for me to pull your hair and make me
service my needs with all of you. I have but to say the
word and you do as I say because you want the mindfuck
fantasy only I can give you satiate you complete you.

All you need to do is take my hand, then I will take you.
Offer yourself without reservation or reserve and I will
give you your darkest desires.

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