You See Into Me

You see into me…

You saw me across the room
I didn’t know you would positively change my world but soon
You saw within me I was close to fall apart
How you knew it? Perhaps t’was your heart
Your voice silky smooth
Such a wonderous balm to soothe
Your heat touched my skin
How my mind and body you warmed within
The honey sweetness of your kiss
Such a gift so perfect I never wish to miss
You knelt before me your will to do unbidden and graceful true
I see now how you make me so need you
To warm my bed with tenderness and love
For my submissive angel I thank the heavens above
You saved me with your powerful, endless kindness
How long I’ve searched for you, a girl like this
I crave all of you with such great need
My devotion to you is the pleasure you seek that I shall not to impede
Touch me deeply you do
Your saving power tells me this: I want to grow us together to where we can tell each to the other fully I Love You.

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