You Asked Me What I Could Teach You — Male POV Response — Microfiction

Kinky Story 20150224 Version 1.0

You asked me what I could teach you, teasing me to respond. I will show you a lesson in pleasure as I take your hair in my fist, pulling it tight, then kissing you firmly on your lips as I embrace you in my arms. You don’t have to speak, your body tells me what you wish to say. You want raw, hard, unrestrained pleasure.

I take your hair first to make you focus. I take your lips to taste your passion. I hold you tight to feel your heat against my body. I kiss you as a lover does, knowing you want to feel filled with hot, firm pleasure. You respond with sass and playful taunts, but I silence them with hot kisses, leading you to your bathroom where the mirror is.

You want to play the tart, sassing, seeing what I will do. I smile at you, then press you against the bathroom counter, firmly holding your hair as I nip and lightly bite your neck. I want this as much as you do. I become impatient and side my free hand down your jeans to feel your slit, to sense how ready you are. Not yet wet enough.

I hear your moans and some hesitancy in your eyes, but I keep your hair firmly in my fist as I unbutton your blouse, button by button, caressing each inch of flesh I uncover until you are open to me. I pull your blouse down your shoulders, then spin you around so you see yourself with me behind you in your mirrors. I cup your breasts firmly with my hands and bites at your neck as I watch your face flush with pleasure. I slide my hands down your body now to feel your curves and feel your body move under my touch.

My hands take separate paths, one to free your breasts from their lingerie prison, the other travels south to tease your clit and slit to wetness. I pinch first one nipple, then the other firmly with my fingers, pulling, stretching your nipples, making you moan and shudder. My fingers find your center between your thighs and I take your clit between my fingers gently to tease your desire.

I spin you around to face me again, taking your nipples and breasts into my mouth, inch by inch, licking, sucking, teasing, taunting them for my pleasure, hearing your moan in response. I force your jeans off, sliding them down your legs, then your panties. I want you completely exposed to my attentions.

I seat you on your bathroom counter, kneeling before you and lick your calves first, then work my way up your thighs with kisses, nips, licks, teases. I nip your inner thighs and firmly hold your legs in my arms as I work toward your now wetted, dripping pussy. I want to take it with my tongue, with my fingers, to tease and taunt it, I call it your cunt. Your cunt is for my pleasure, but it will soon be yours as well.

I flick, swirl, tease my tongue slowly up and down your slit, pulling your labia apart with my fingers. I want to see every part of your cunt, leaving not an inch untouched. I pay special attention to your clit, making endless swirls around it, over it, up and down it. I fill your cunt with my tongue and savor your sweet nectar, drinking you in drop by drop.

I feel your hands caressing my head, pulling me closer between your thighs. I make you moan, pant, whimper, but this is just the start. I stand up and I feel your hands run over my body as you undress me to reach my cock, my cock that will soon be fucking you hard, deep, all the way to the hilt, over and over again. You want to taste me before I fill you, why would I deny you that? I feel your hands caress my shaft and we kiss as impatient lovers wanting to make each other cum, and cum, and cum. I grab your hair and make you kneel before me, taking my into your mouth with firm intent. But you know you want this, you only feign resistance. You want to be taken hard and put away wet, totally spent.

I fuck your mouth, your hot, wet, soft mouth, and feel your lips arrive at the base of my shaft. Your lips caress every inch of my cock from hilt to tip over and over and over. I want you to taste my precum, an early gift to you. You service my cock like a hungry cock slut needing me to use your mouth so badly.

I stop you before I cum into your mouth, pulling you up to me by your hair still firmly gripped in my fist, then spin you around to look at yourself in the mirror. Your hair astray, your skin flushed, your nipples aroused to hardness, your cunt wet, oh so very wet for me.

I bend you over the counter so you face is just inches from your mirror. I take my free hand under you, between your thighs, making you spread your legs wide for me. I will get full access to finger fuck you. You will give it to me. You want this like nothing else before in your life. Your legs are shapely as I had you leave your “fuck me right now” heels on for this moment. The moment when I used your cunt for my pleasure, using your body as a sex toy, making you comply to my touch, my voice, my desires.

First one finger enters your drenched cunt, teasing it even wetter. Then another. And another. Until my entire hand enters you to fuck you into submission. I feel your tight, hot, dripping cunt welcome my hand, feeling every curve within you. I find your most sensitive spots, teasing, taunting them, making you moan and whimper as you are so close to cumming with just a touch upon them.

You cum on my hand, hard. I force you to cum, then tease you to the edge again. I tell you to cum on my hand again, and again, and again. You are crazed by the wave after wave of orgasm I pull from you. I make you watch your face in the mirror as you cum for me again, and again, and again. You beg me to stop eventually, but I don’t. I don’t stop because I want you totally spent before I fuck you.

When I am satisfied that you are completely spent, cumming your last upon my hand, I pull out and fill the space with my hot, throbbing, waiting cock. It glides in quickly to your hot welcome inside your readied cunt. I shove into you to the hilt and hold myself deep within you, your face now but an inch from your mirror. I grab your hair with both fists and pull your head back slightly as I begin to fuck you roughly from behind, slamming deeply within you, sliding slowly back, rapidly within, over and over.

Your moan and whimpers fill the air as I tell you what a cum hungry slut you are. You tell me that is exactly what you are. With each stroke you tell me how slutty you are, what you would do, how you would do it, just give you my cock, fuck you hard, deep. You tell me to take your cunt, to own it, use it, abuse it. Just fuck your cunt.

I take your cunt to the edge of orgasm yet again, sending you over to release as I explode within your, filling you with all of my cum, spirt after spirt, after spirt. I completely fill you with my gift as you collapse upon your arms, sweaty, cunt dripping, entire body spent from the fucking I gave you.

As I pull myself out of you, you feel my cum dripping out of your well used cunt down your thighs. You scoop it with your fingers and gloss your lips with it, then lick it off, putting more upon your tongue, savoring my taste before swallowing it with a smile.

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