What I’d Tell You To Do

I would tell you to undress yourself before me, then lay back upon the couch with legs spread wide. I would tell you to tease your slit and clit with only two fingers to tease your labia apart while you gently graze your clit in circles.

Your other hand I would want teasing your nipples hard, pulling them, stretching them, making your body sing electric waves of pain and pleasure.

I would make you do this until you were just at the edge of release, then I make you stop.

I tie your ankles apart to keep you spread wide for my pleasure, then I tie your wrists above and behind your head, all with ropes tied to the couch, keeping your body taut and tensioned.

I would watch you writhe and hear you whimper as I deny you. I watch your eyes plead with me, but I slowly tease, caress, taunt every inch of your body but the areas you so much want me to touch. I make your cunt moisten and drip, watching your nectar drop upon your sofa.

I watch every twitch, every movement with my eyes, seeking to make you beg all the more. Make you so hot, so wet, so ready for release yet I deny you again and again.

I make your cunt ache for use. Your clit engorges with your seduced blood making it pulse with every near miss I intentionally make as I pass it by, taunting it so close but too far to feel.

I watch your nipples harden from arousal until they hurt from your want, engorged with so much need.

Your body craves release, but I love denying it. I want you riding the edge so close to your orgasm that you strain from the building tension. I want the rising crest of sultry need to rise higher and higher, making you whimper.

I put you on edge so far with that slight bit short of release that every touch is electric, making goose flesh run from head to toe as your entire body sings from erotic tension.

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