Please Tell Me What You’ll Do To Me… — Microfiction

I want to take you anonymously, blindfolded with you rope tied so I can take you as I wish.

I will grope you.

I will fondle you.

I will pull your hair with my fist.

I will spank you.

I will slap you.

I will pinch your nipples.

I will pinch your clit.

I will shove my cock in your slutty mouth to the back of your throat until you choke.

I will fuck your twat when I want. Wet or dry. I love to fuck a dry, unready cunt.

I will fuck your mouth with my fingers.

I will fuck your cunt and ass with my hand.

I will fill you with my cum and let it drip out of your well used pussy, down your leg.

I will use you as my sex toy all for my pleasure.

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