Locked in the library — Flash Fiction Story

This flash fiction is referenced in my upcoming short story/novella “Love, Lust, Sex, and Education” that will be published soon.

Locked in the library…
It was not my intention, but I have no regrets with you.
Maybe we both had an unspoken desire. An unconscious want.
A dark hunger that needed satiation. I am glad we were not
found until late morning the next day. I love how your
breath felt on my skin as you touched me in the stacks. I
crave you now even more though I still do not know your
name. You are my Anonymous.

I had seen you in the library many times before last
night. Deep in the dark reaches of the library, where the
knowledge slumbers peacefully. And those in need of
solitude to study like I did. Your touch taught me more
than I could ever realize I was missing. You read me
selections of Sappho of Lesbos. Marquis de Sade. Leopold
von Sacher-Masoch. Chevoque. Vatsayana. Syang’s No Ci and
Nua (e com tesão) em Brasília. You spoke to me softly.
Gently. Firmly. In English, Spanish. Portuguese. French.
German. Your mind and tongue both so exquisite and
comforting. I only imagined in fantasies how one could
make my body feel. You opened me. You broadened me. You
expanded me. So many, many ways than one.

You took my hand in yours that night and told me it would
be alright. When I gazed into your eyes I saw the truth.
You made me safe. You taught me the meaning of safe word.
You took this virgin mind and made it metamorphose into an
experienced woman. You told me virginity and purity are
artificial constructs. You gave me such pleasure and held
me close as I came on your hand. And came. And came. And
came. And came until I was too weak to stand and you laid
me upon your body to rest.

Just thinking about last night makes me so very wet. My
nipples still tingle. My legs go weak. My mind beings to
phase into the images you told me in my ear. Whispering.
Telling me that I was so very obedient. Even though you
knew I was so very afraid. You calmed me and rewarded me.
You made me feel certain in being a word-whore. A
sensory-slut. Feeling my naked body pressed against the
cool glass of the top floor windows exposed for anyone to
see that night. You urged me to stand there exhibited like
a pet as you parted my thighs and caressed my cunt
lovingly. You held me firm against the glass as you made
my knees buckle. God how wet you made me. I want your
fingers inside me again so much. My twat aches for your
attentions again.

My ass begs to be spanked again like you did to my flesh
as I laid upon the oak reading table in the deepest keep
of the library. You made me lay my hips upon leather bound
tomes to make my face go down and my ass rise up to meet
every strike. Every spank. Every blow you laid down upon
my skin until I mewed. Until I moaned. Until I came. For
you. I came for you. I did not come for me. I came for
you. You told me. I did it. I came upon your tongue. I
came upon your hand. I came upon your fingers. I came upon
your lips. I came.

I cannot place your gender. I never could. Your voice so
neutral. Your mannerisms so asexual. Your mind so
delectable and arousing. You gave me such pleasure. Why
did not not allow me to return it? Were you afraid? I
accept you. I accept all of you. Cock. Cunt. I just want
you. You make me crazy with longing.

All I can do in this moment is be wet. Waiting. Wanting.
Wishing. I want to please you. I want to arouse you. I
want to take you. As you did me.

You made me so wet and wanting. I would do anything for
you. Just satiate my body. Use it for your pleasure. Use
me. I want you to use me. I need you to use me. I will
service your every fantasy. I will be with whoever you
want me to be with. Please let me please you. I need the
release that your touch alone can give me.

Only your words can arouse me like last night. I lack the
vocabulary to make myself come without you. You are my
sensual library. Your scent is the scent of books so full
of wisdom. You fill my orifices. You fill my mind. And
here I will be, waiting to be your toy again. Play with me
at your pleasure. Please?

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