How Bad Do You Want It? — Male POV Response

Kinky Thoughs 20150224 Version 2.0

How bad do you want it? What will you do for it? How rough do you need it to be? You asked me to use you. You asked me to abuse you. You asked me to do as I like for my pleasure alone. I take you to a bar in the rougher part of town, groping you, making out with you, running my hands down inside your tight skirt to feel you slit. Still dry, as I like it.

I take your hand in mine out the door of the dive, then around the corner down the dark alley, you wobbly in the high heels I ordered you to wear. They make your ass all the more sassy while accentuated in the skin tight skirt you also were told to wear. It follows every inch of your hips and ass like a second skin, so tight I see your panties outline. Your blouse is just as tight, hugging your tits just right to make your nipples print through the sheer, silky cloth despite your bra. You wore this outfit, just as ordered, to please me. All of this and what will come is all to please me.

Your only wants are for my pleasure. Your only needs are to serve as my means for release. Your only thoughts are of how your body will please me as I do as I will. You know that I will be rough, but you have been craving this. You need this use and abuse. I gave you a safe word for your protection to let me know when my desires go too near your edge, but I know you will want to take all that I want, refusing to use it.

You wonder where we are going, what we will be doing, but I don’t make you wait long with expectation. I find the line of trashcans, the dumpster and the chain link fence I scouted out earlier. I grab your hair in my fist, surprising you, making you gasp. I push your face and body against the chain link, not saying a word.

I flick open the folding blade pulled from my pocket, dully finish barely visible in the light from the far away streetlight. You will make no sounds, say nothing. That is your instruction. I start cutting your skirt from the hem upward from behind you, hearing it rip away from your hips, from your ass. You keep your hands on the fence as instructed. This is my time to take.

I rip away the remains of your skirt, yanking down your panties, making them drop to your ankles, telling you to step out of them. I pick them up, spinning your around, shoving them in your mouth, duct taping them in to keep your muted.

I rip your blouse open with such force your buttons fly seemingly supersonic, tearing the sheer satin in the process. No matter. It will be left in the alley anyway. I remove your bra as you feebly attempt to resist, but a firm slap across the face changes your mind. You asked for this scene, you asked me to be rough, to take, to ravish you as I desired. Now your wrists are tied to the chain link fencing with your bra, holding them above your head.

I slide the knife’s unsharpened spine across your skin and pinch your nipples hard with my other hand. I hear a faint whimper followed by a pained gasp. You told me to take you, ravish you, rape you like this because you told me you needed it, craved it. You want to please me, I give you your wish as it pleases me.

The trash cans I arrange just right for bending you over to take you from behind, and so I can tied your wrists to the dumpster to keep you tensioned and spread out for my desires. Every muscle in your body is exercised and energized by my use of you. Your legs kept now spread wide by a broom handle I duct tape to your ankles. The sound of my pants unzipping makes you whimper. My engorged cock cares not if you have wetted your cunt or not for me in anticipation of being impaled by me, all for my pleasure.

I firmly grip your hips and shove into your tight, dry, unwilling, unready cunt and I feel exhilarated by the soft feel of your fuck hole friction against my cock. I harden even more due to taking you this way. With each stroke I feel you walls rub hard against my cockskin, making me want to fill your cunt right now with all of my cum, but not this hole, not in this moment. I control the rising pleasure edge so near so that I force your cunt to drip its cunt nectar after a few minutes of my very rough assault of your slut hole. Once I feel your cunt cream lubricate my penetrating thrusts, I pull out, spread your ass cheeks wide, ramming my cock to the hilt of my hips deep within your ass. I feel your struggle against me, against my savage fucking. You wanted this so much. Now I so want it too. I pull back slightly, then ram my cock home again to the hilt. With each thrust I hear your muffled cries and whimpers. After savaging you thusly I hear you crying and with fingers I feel you wet tears. Now I grab your hair with both fists hard and firm, arching your head back and shoving myself against your ass to fuck, to ravage, to make your ass mine.

Your struggles turn to acceptance as your body becomes my sex toy, my fuck palace. Your tight ass welcomes my ravaging so well, like a welcoming gloved hand to pull my cum from my cock. Several minutes of ravaging later I release inside you wave after wave of spirting cum. I finish fucking your ass after I make certain every drop of cum has been milked out. Pulling myself out of you. I cut your wrists loose, pulling you upright by a fistful of hair. Your legs are weak, your ass so very sore. The duct tape gag, loosened by your tears, sweat, and saliva, I pull fully from your mouth, finding it soaked. You whimper, tears still falling, and you say thank you for being used, for being abused.

I put my coat around your body, walking your unsteady form to the car to take you home, clean you up, and put you to bed. You need your rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day for pleasing me little one, you need all the rest you can get.

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