Geeky Boy + Nerdy Girl + Library = Perfection — Male POV Conbersation Microfiction

Being locked in the library with a nerdy girl, in winter, with the power out, and needing to stay warm. Snuggling together for warmth and making small talk, then a moment flashes and kissing begins. Kissing turns into touching. Touching turns into caressing. Caressing turns into massaging.

I feel how soft her skin is below my touch, her curves so delicious. We don’t know one another, but there is a need between us. She caresses my neck and whispers in my ear that it ok to grope her. I laugh, but she takes my hand leading me to a study table. She sits, spreading her legs, lifting her skirt to show me a Hello Kitty thong. My body betrayed me with my need firmly showing its presence. She beckoned with her finger to come kneel between her legs.

Nervous does not describe my feeling, I was still inexperienced, but she didn’t know that, at least I hoped. But before her proffered cunt she slid the thin strip of cloth aside to show me her labia for worship and pulled my face closer. Softly she guided me toward worshipping her hot, sultry, seductive labia now engorging with excited blood displaying her arousal before my eyes. She tutored me toward her pleasuring, coaxing me to eat her deliciousness, moaning with each perfect lick, tutoring my technique, delighting in being served.

Before she came, she asked me to stop, then removed her thong, unbuttoned her blouse to remove her bra. She turned to face the table and spread her legs apart placing her weight upon it. She asked me to lift her skirt and looked back toward me while wiggling her ass before me.

I saw her lovely curved ass beckoning to me as I slowly lifted the fabric of her skirt, and I caressed her with my fingertips. When she asked me to spank her, I hesitated, but she coaxed me to action. She ask me to repeat my swat again, but harder. Again, but harder.

My concern about hurting her faded when she begged me to spank one ass cheek, then the other with hard, firm spanks. I poured my courage into my palms as I spanked her firmly, passionately, alternating hands as needed to rest my muscles. In the spanking frenzy I noted her ass turning flush red and her moans rising in timbre with her torso writhing in ecstasy as she rubbed her tits upon the table as I reddened her ass.

I realized shortly that my hands were wetted and scented with her lusty arousal. In the surreal sensations I felt, smelt, heard, she was crying out that she wanted more, then began to cry. At first I was frozen, then she turned to place her heated ass bare upon the table and opened her unbuttoned blouse wide. Legs spread wide, she beckoned me to come to her and she unzipped my pants, freeing my cock into her hands.

She felt my precum flowing in droplets into her palms and smiled. She brought her hands to her mouth and licked them. She displayed my precum upon her tongue, then swallowed it. She pulled me to her and slid my throbbing hot hardness into her welcoming cunt.

I protested weakly about needing a condom, she put her finger to my lips and told me she wanted this. She wanted nothing between us, no barriers. I thought the rising sensations in my cock presaged premature release, but she slowly withdrew me, then pulled me close for me to impale her again.

Our mouths met and she wrapped her legs around my hips, then put my hands upon her tits, showing me how to squeeze and taunt and tease her nipples as she moaned softly into my ear. She whimpered that she wanted more sensations. Asked me to bite her neck, mark her with my teeth.

This time I did not hesitate, the lust for her body prevented that. I grabbed her hair in my hand and exposed her neck to nip and mark over and over again while I twisted and pulled and stretched first one nipple, then the other.

I felt strange frenzy coming on as I fed on her coaching, my need, her want, my thoughts of fucking her, her desire to have me cum inside her completely and totally. I held back no longer. She mewed for me to mark her tits, I did. She wanted me to suck her nipples hard, I did. She wanted me to pound into her, bang her, fuck her roughly, savagely, I did it.

My need was higher and higher. Her moans, whimpers, pleadings became faster, higher pitched. She keened for more. More. More. More. She offered guidance, I responded by telling her she was a dirty little whore, she was a cum loving slut, my fuck toy. In those moments I had no reservations. The words flowed on their own.
I told her she was my little whore. She was mine to use. She was mine to abuse. She was mine to fuck. To fuck anytime. To fuck anywhere. To fuck any which way I wanted.

She asked me if I would fuck her in her dorm room. Yes, I would.

Even with her roommate watching? Yes, I would.

She asked me if I would fuck her in a classroom. Yes I would.

She asked me if I would make her suck my cock anytime I wanted. Yes I would.

She asked me if I would pull her hair as I fucked her like a bitch dog in heat. Yes I would.

She asked me if I would tie her up and leave her bound so I could do what I wished to her. Yes I would.

She asked me if I wanted her to be my personal cum dump, my personal fuck toy, my own personal slut I could fuck whenever I wanted. Yes, I would.

And with the final question I launched my cum into her tight, hot, drenched fuck hole. My fuck hole. My personal cumsponge slut.

I continued to fuck her cunt until I came no more, then she told me she wanted to show me something. I pulled out and watched as my cum drizzled out of her well used cunt. Then she scooped my cum onto her fingers, and rubbed it into her lips, licked it off with her tongue seductively. She scooped more out, and repeated the application of my cum lip gloss. Then she scooped out as much of my cum as she could and swirled it around in her mouth with her tongue, showing me her appreciation for using her.

I grabbed her hair and kissed her hard on the mouth, teasing her tongue with mine and we blended her sweetness with my cum and she swallowed all of it. She gazed into my eyes and told me she was mine now.

I looked at her, with a mischievous grin, then grabbed her hair to pull her down to her knees. I told her she needed to clean up my cock. She gladly devoured my now softening hardness and licked it entirely clean, from the base of the shaft to the sensitive glans, making certain to savor and swallow every drop of my cum gift to her.

In the afterglow we cuddled together, her telling me in a whisper how hot and sexy I was. I blushed sheepishly, embarrassed. She lifted my chin and gazed at me. She told me it was truth, and that she had been wanting to fuck me for a while, or was it that she wanted me to fuck her, she quipped. After a few minutes of cuddling I felt aroused again. She looked at my hardening and grinned.

How may I serve you now Sir? You will suck my cock you little slut and I am going to cum all over your face. As you wish Sir was all she said as she began to swallow all of my hardness into her hot, wet, welcoming mouth. I know I want to fuck her mouth quite a bit, I thought. And her cunt. And her ass. And cum on her cunt. And cum on her tits. And…simply enjoy my little whore anyway I wanted.

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