By Candlelight — Microfiction

Your blood red lipstick betrays your need despite your reticence. You resist but the musky spice betwixt your thighs fills my nostrils and tells me true. The catch in your voice as I bind your wrists tells me thrice that you more than want this, you need this.

You need to be used for fuck service so very badly. Your addiction to forced use, clothing ripped and cut off, your slutty cunt ravaged raw bareback. All of it you must have, regardless how much you whimper for me to stop.

By candlelight I fill your holes for my pleasure, telling you how dirty a whore you are. What a cheeky slut you pretend not to be. Pretending to be a good girl and a respectable lass are the lies you try to tell the world. You suffer under them.

By candlelight I free you from falsehoods and show you how being a living sex toy for my needs satiates and fills every opening in your mind and spirit as well as your body.

I cherish every part of you, every saucy look, every whimper of pleasure, every inch of your flesh that I abuse for my own gratification. You are mine in every way. So resist by candlelight my adored whore, for I love you.
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I love making you whimper and beg…

The sound of your mews and pleading for release as I drive you to the edge of tolerance and hold you right there. There so close to release yet just not. You writhe, squirm, beg, promise, and bargain, but all fall upon me ineffective.

Your orgasmic release is mine to grant or withhold alone. You never had a say in the matter. You have no say in the matter. You shall never have a say in the matter.

All I care about is how your body can service and satiate my needs only. I don’t care a jot if you cum again. I only care that I can fill your dirty gash hole with my cum to keep you in cumsponge condition.

Maybe I want your body ever randy and ready to please me as I leave you aroused for hour after hour as I coat you with cum, fill you with cum, make you swallow my cum. But ever needy of release…

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