A dark fantasy one of my characters whispered into my ear… — Microfiction

This is a dark fantasy that one of my characters whispered into my ear one night as I worked on an entirely separate story. He told me he wanted to take me just like this…

I cuff your wrists behind your back, bend you over, and see your knickers offending me. My blade slides betwixt the cloth and your skin, making you shiver and slip out a gasp. I leave your panties in shreds and play the blade upon your ass.

I grope that tight fuck hole and the fleshy lips between those shaky legs, knowing they are Mine to mark. Slice and slit and slash there and here, making you bare for all my desires. Whimper all you like, I will still use you for My hunger.

Wet or dry that cunt I will mark with My cum. You will be bareback fucked whether you have birth control or not. Property to fuck, property to play with, property to put a leash on and use over and over again.

Pinch and pull your nipples I shall do. Whatever makes Me harder, hotter, more aroused to use every inch of the flesh before me. Your body is no more. Now it is My property to abuse and savor.

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