Who Taught Who?

I’m your professor, your teacher and you come concerned about your research paper’s grade, about your current grade so far this semester. I see something in your piercing light blue eyes, something lingering upon your lips. I think I know what it is, but you confirm it for me.

You ask the taboo, forbidden, unethical, unprofessional of me. I tell you that you have such a powerful, creative, beautiful mind, that you don’t need to do this now. I encourage you to think about the difference between our years, how strong a woman you are, how apt a student in my class.

You lean over my desk to meet my gaze, and you still display that longing, you want to do that dark thing to salvage your grade point average. You plead with me, implore to me to have you freely, to take you fully, to satiate my needs.

I look away outward to the campus quadrangle below. I need to avoid your enthralling eyes. I try to push away the craving you birthed inside my mind, my body responding to it. I’m embarrassed, confused about the situation.

As I try to throw away my ardor still looking away, I hear you disrobing for me against my desires. You say in heated, lusty, wanton words in husky tones to turn around and see the gift you have for me.

I turn around in my chair and see your body laid nude and so very exposed for me. You made naturally as a Greek goddess. You leave me without words. I see the curves that make up your body, so graceful, rounded, full, delicious. Your copper red curly hair falls over your shoulders and halfway down your back. You display your full breasts without shyness, flaunting your exhibition of them, of all yourself to me as a true gift in which to delight. The wonder of your hips increased and multiplied by your dark copper gracing you above your heating center of desire. Your wonderful woman musk fills my senses with lust and craving to taste it upon my tongue.

Again, you lean over my desk and I see your full breasts closer, taking in their perfect form like sweet, sensual hills topped with hardening nipple peaks offered to me.

I can’t deny my deepest desires. I tell you truly that I have darkly wanted you before me as you are now. I tell you I again that I can’t put you down that path so sinful and seductive to make you a succubus of my now molten craving.

You climb upon my desk on elbows and knees, flowing across like a kitten to my face matching yours but inches away. My elbows on my desk hold my hands just right for you to nuzzle and caress your cheeks against my fingers. You kiss them, suck them, lick them. Your lips full of need graze mine, and I am lost, totally undone.

I pull my chair back to give you room to dismount my desk, and you stand before me. You move like silk down upon my lap facing me.

Your sensual mouth meets mine and kisses fall with passion. I wholeheartedly give myself over to the acceptance that I will take you for my pleasures.

I pull you tightly close and feed upon your body made arousal pink from my stoking of your passion fires. You pull my polo shirt free and over my head as your hands escape my attempts to tame them. Your kisses now lay heated seduction upon my skin. I have no pretense of resistance remaining in my mind.

You dismount me just long enough to help me off with my boots and slacks and underwear. You playful push me back and down into my chair again. You hold my heat with one hand as you open your arousal with the other to slide it effortlessly within you. I see how ready you are already for me, to heat my pleasure to match the need of yours.

I attempt to protest, asking you to wait for me to slide within a condom for safe and sane cleaving together, you tell me you want this as it is, full on deep and unprotected. I wonder for a few moments if I should submit to your words.

You surprise me as you whisper into my ear you are a virgin, were a virgin, no more. I attempt to save you from more taking, but you lay a finger upon my lips and tell me you need this with me, crave it so. You desire to be with me as your first time. I accept your lusts fully now without further question.

Your eyes make me lose myself within them as you slowly slide your steamy wetness up and down to take me all in slow and sure. I see no puritanical shackles in your as you demonstrate how adept you are at teasing me within you as you ride me so slow and tender, making me want you more and more.

I begin to lose myself deeper into your freely offered desires and I fully take them in as my own. I feel how soft your skin is upon mine, how exotic your scent is, mixed of jasmine and cinnamon. I taste all of you I can as you move yourself upon me to increase your own pleasure as you carefully, tenderly care for mine.

A small doubt, fear enters my mind as I feel I am arriving close to the precipice where I cannot return once attained. I feel the heat pulling my core tightly held, tension building to launch my milkiness within your waiting, needy, hungry core. I feel the drop of sensation telling me in moments I will fill you with all of me, touching you so very intimately like no one has yet done before within you. The doubt falls away as we kiss with lovers’ passion and I feel your hand teasing, pleasing your center of delight, bringing you closer to climax, so close just as you hold me now. I feel your body shake and your lips break free of mine, your erotic keening filling the air. I have lost all control as now take turn to throb in equal pleasure, hearing your call for me to cum deep within, sating your desire to be filled.

Throbbing here, throbbing there, we glide down upon our embrace and softly kiss now as new lovers made. You hold my head in your hands and tell me how special I am, how well I treat you. You ask me now not to desire to sleep with you, rather ask you permission to warm my bed each night, to give you pleasure as your need to serve. I don’t understand this, nor do you. There is a craving to give over to me your freedom to choose, the freedom to decide, the freedom to be what I need, whenever, however I want.

I protest to no avail that I’m not worthy of such trust, that you know me but in small fashion, a teacher of the lecture hall. You ask permission to be my dedicated, loyal, devoted student for me to teach, correct, mold, form into someone new, all for me. You ask permission to be a pet that I might cherish sleeping with head upon lap, purrs and mews common, wearing feline ears upon your head to show your desire to serve me as such. You show me you desire to ask permission for many things now, you willingly give over to me your choices to be made.

I don’t try to resist, I tell you that warming my bed is desired, even craved like dark sensuality. I tell you that you will be my pet, my plaything. These new feelings come from somewhere within that I never knew existed. I don’t understand them, simply feel them. The you ask me an ultimate question, would I wish you own you as property to be used as I see fit. The askance deeply surprises me. I ask you in turn why you wish to be owned, possessed as an object by me. Why?

You tell me it is a need you found a time ago, a latent part of you that needed to be given to someone worthy. I tell you rightly that I’m not worthy of such trust. You pledge to me that you will prove to me that I shall be worthy every day of your submission. I am at a loss of words again. I caress you and kiss your neck again. I hear you whisper to me to mark me as my own. Why so soon, why after but one sensual coupling. You tell me simply that you have watched me from afar in the classroom with growing want to be mine, claimed, taken in my arms to keep.

I don’t know how to do this I respond, I’m not a Dominant, a Master, a Sir, rather just a simple teacher of subject. You tell me that is indeed what you desire, a Teacher. You tell me you want my Dominance upon you, that I show how soft, gentle, and light it can feel, wishing to feel it upon you like the finest silk. You tell me how well I command the stage to impart knowledge. You tell me how you wish to be my student for as long as I wish to have you. You tell me you want to be taught in so many things, in so many ways. You tell me you want me to train you up to be the best student you can be. You tell me you want to learn beside me what that will mean, together.

I agree. You ask me to seal the agreement with my mark. You ask me to bite where your shoulder and neck meet, the sweet, tender place where I drive you wild with heated need. My breath softly teases your skin there as I steady myself, then pull in part of you, biting down hard, fast and I feel your core tighten around my spent arousal yet still firm within it feels. I see out of the corner of my eye how you bite your lower lip with your teeth and your smile broad and delightful shines. You tell me I have marked you within, without. I laid upon you my claim, that you wish to give me your heart, your mind, your spirit for safe keeping.

So soon I ask of you. You nod yes and tell me that I will learn how to accept it willingly as I grow to be a strong Teacher, and you a devoted student. You want to take that leap of faith with me, that you see within me something so very unique that you had to have it as yours, yours alone.

We kiss again and hold each other in mutual embrace, letting the afterglow and intimacy flow into one. You slowly release your arms, softly dismount me, kneel and take me into your mouth, so used now, needing to refresh before I can give my arousal to you again. And yet our mouth resurrects me with soft kisses, licks, the steamy heat of your mouth as you take my resting self within and tease it with yearning for it to fill you to the back of your throat. In minutes you have me awakened and ready your focused attentions and I feel the flight of my pleasure building within me with such earnest work. You work magic upon me and I feel new throbbing building as I fill your mouth with me, feeling it fill you deep within, at the back of your throat. I am now truly spent. You clean me with ardor and deep submission.

The rest of the night flowed so much like a dream as you lay at me feet, naked, while I dressed myself. I sat on my small office couch and you caressed my leg with your cheeks again. I hear contented purrs from you as your place is found.

What came next was a blur of so very much over the days, the weeks. Soon you were dressing as I wished you to be, looking proper in my class, in all classes. You came to me after you last class done, you sit upon my desk as I wish it, spread your legs and show me your garter belt holding up your sheer dark stockings gracing your legs, wearing kitten motif high heels. You demonstrate your submission to be my dirty slut when I have need, and my good little girl student when I wish you. Your reward for our agreement comes when you study hard, study true as a student to the outside world, then become my sole focus when your work is done.

Who trained up who? I wonder that. The wonder remains with great heat and longing as each night you warm my bed as you agreed, keeping me warm and at an askance you serve me without question, never do I give you reason to doubt your trust in me. I give you but two hard limits: never will you surrender your safe word and never will you ask me to harm you unless it is play you need and fully planned out. I promised to keep you safe, and that I shall. You are my precious student and I your Teacher.

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