A new story in progress: “Never Be Ashamed”

I’m sharing a coming attraction for you who’ve read my first book “His Saving Angel” on Smashwords or who are interested in reading newly hatched authors.

I’m working on another story that seems to have gone from short story to an epic unintentionally. Curvy, nerdy, polymath engineering student Earth girl + intelligent, dedicated to her work, presuming, doesn’t question authority xenocultural analyst alien girl + interstellar complications = drama and close encounters of the sensually erotic kind.

“Never Be Ashamed” deals as well with the topic of mental illness, stigma, ostracization, offering, and the sociocultural boxes we in which we shove people to classify and categorize them. It has some commentary on biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and self-identification in general. It overall tells a tale about who we are now and what we can be if we are willing to fight for what we want and need.

It’s still in progress, but it should be out reasonably soon. Stay tuned.

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